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moharam in mumbai kaisar bagh flickr set shiasm


Eve of 7th Moharam Kaisar Bagh Dongri 2009

I shoot a lot of stuff giving respect to all religiosity , I become one with the religion I shoot, this helps , as a photographer and as a photo blogger, I know what I am, who I am, I have no unfulfilled desire or quest.

I am a Shia and that is the branch of a tree I belong to , the tree is India.. I am an Indian born Shia Muslim.

I know people get upset seeing my Moharam pictures , but they don't get upset seeing the naked Naga Sadhus on my website, titillation is name of the game.
I promote the reality and the essence of what I shoot, I change nothing, I glorify nothing.
You may like it you may not like it, I flagged my photo as moderate..yet the act is extreme , this is hard core Shiasm..

Nothing can change it ..this is a person , he bleeds, nothing, no drugs to induce this state of self infliction..this is Ghame Hussain..

First it was a Majlis at Kaisar Bagh , and this was a short majlis in spite of the Maulana begging the crowds to allow him to complete his masaib , before going into matam, the alams entered the hall, the mayhem of spiritual release began, now mind you earlier I shot from the dais, now no more I was at ground zero level, , the blade only a whisker away from me..
This is a war zone no protection.. for camera lens or physical body..

I shot sleeping on the ground, blades moving past me including the blade of a sword..

Yes I became a photographer today in the real sense of the word..

Before this I was only a point and shoot amateur..

All these pictures I am posting at Flickr.. cross blogging just a few..

This is a 2.50 GB Card..

I have a Shia site called Shah Ast Hussain, but nobody visits it, I thought of shutting it down but my son Asif Shakir told me to let it be there ..like my photographer no1 parent site that I have not updated since an year.

Blogging is an expensive affair, so at the present all my new stuff is at Flickr only...
Please see the relevant set that you want to see, I do not want to hurt your sense and sensibility .

I shoot all subjects pertaining to religiosity and gender..

But yes Moharam is what I shoot with the passion of my Faith..

What they do, why they do should not concern you, its their personal matter , its the prerogative of their Shia Faith.

See this purely as photo journalism without any hidden meaning or metaphor...

Before you find fault with the Shias shedding their own blood try stopping your own adherents from butchering innocent people in the name of a misguided Jehad..

Live and let others live too..

This is for Dr Glenn Losack MD my American friend, family my mentor who could not make it to Mumbai to shoot r Ashura..2009

posted at flickr

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