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Shahenshah baba

Golden henna

Colored hair unique

“Mun Kunto Maulaho Fe Haaza Ali-yun Maulah”

cutting tongue

piercing eye balls

at his peak

Maun Baba

for 11 years

wont speak

just silence

no hebrew hindi or greek

Handi the shrewd

wont ever give

the other cheek

Don jaun baba

two swords

in his eyeball

a sight

not to be seen

by the weak

Faiyaz ali

a new preview

of his cutting tongue

that looks like

an orphaned beak

would make a layman


The Chancawalli sufis

The Rafaees

smoking chillum

a peace pipe

of mystical spirituality

mind over matter blowing


sikandar wali baba

now in celestial skies

handed over to Handi

his earthly mystique

bhandari baba may he perish

for causing me grief

his presence in my

pictures I don’t need to tweak

yes they have promised

to do their acts

in bollywoods most wanted boutique

among my 300 old cameras

and myself photographerno1 antique

shia thug, romancing a stone

a blog goddess voluptuously

unaging in the best of physique

says this poet pip squeak

blessed are those who havoc wreak

even in the end after

hanging privately by the noose

so damned to a winning streak

American height of enchantment

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Asymetrical warfare engineered

in a white house to play hide and seek

An empty platter awaiting a bubble and squeak

Poetic disillusionment in love

Where hate is a new form of love gone oblique

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