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Chehlum in Mumbai

Chehlum is the 40 th day of the Martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain the beloved grandson of the Holy Prophet who was ruthlessly put to death by Yazid of the Ummayad Caliphate for not paying allegiance to his autocratic rule and depotism, .

Shah ast Hussain, Baad Shah ast Hussain,
Deen ast Hussain, Deen Panah ast Hussain,
Sar dad na daad dast, dar daste Yazeed,
Haqqah ke binaaye La Ilaha ast Hussain!

شاه است حسين پادشاه است حسين
دين است حسين دين پناه است حسين
سر داد نه داد دست در دست يزيد
حقا كه بنائى لا اله است حسين

At Moghul Masjid the nightly majlis recited by Maulana Abbas Irshad continue, these are known as the Arbaeen majlis, the Mosque is fully packed.People from all walks of life make a beelinf for this young and versatile Maulanas discourses, he is a fiery orator, pumps adrenalin to pain, a pain that never succumbs this pain is called Ghame E Hussain..
Earlier I was told the moral brigade of Shia hardliners took offence to my pictures of Shiasm on my Word Press site that includes Hind gods goddesses, the greater objection being the Naga Sadhus.
But it is so myopic that on the Internet just a click away are sites you would be ashamed to see, so I had decided I would post my Shia stuff at my new site
However I decided people come to my site not because I am a Shia, or a Sunni , or a Hindu, they come because I impartially as a cybernetic photo journalist blogger write on subjects that are close to my heart,so I have decided that Word Press will continue to be my main Blog Site.
Honestly I am not a Shia site mentality guy, this is without offending those who are doing a great job keeping our community informed like Mr Syed Masoom Abidi, of Muslim Unity, 14 Masumeen.He is one person , who has great respect for me as I have for him.
I am not into evangelising Shiasm, proselytizing , I am not a Mullah aspirant , this is without hurting those who continue to do the healing work, there are many of them, whatever my views I know for a fact that Maulana Janab Kalbe Jawad has always stood in the frontline with an olive branch, trying to bridge the sectarian gap between Shia and Sunnis.
I also know the majority of Shias consider him a tolerant, spiritual leader , who I am sure in the coming times will play a very important role in mass educating our youth , into the mainstream of modern technology,,education is the only answer to rid us from our economic backwardness..
Well I digress I think the Chehlum in Mumbai , is the most awesome event in the life of the migrant Shias who have made Mumbai their home, the Sabils near Moghul Masjid, all lit up, the 24/7 majlis reverbrating from the speakers, the crowds at Hydei Book store to pick up the latest Noha, the 150 year old Iranian Hamam, people from out of town, having a quick shower here, ths the euphoria of Mumbaya Chehlum, on the roads the whetting stone guys sharpening the old rusty blood stained zanjirs,the flagellating blades, also selling chinese daggers for kama zni or forehead cutting, the Khusali Iranian kava shop is packed overcrowded ,Chehlum in Mumbai is a metaphor for Azadar E Hussain..thanks to Maulana Abbas Rizvi llate Mr Yousef Nasser , who fought to remove the blanket ban that existed in Mumbai against celebrating of Moharam.
Today because of their efforts we are reaping the rewards, we are seen , we no more have to fear being pelted by stones for fllowing the faith of our forefathers.
Earlier I am told people would carry black shirts to Kaiser Bagh, for Majlis than wear it there, after the Majlis back to normal clothes, such was the hate for Shias and Shiasm.
So the most important agenda for hot headed Shia youth is for the sake of Hazrat Imam Hussain let Azadari continue , defiance retaliation will only hurt the entire community.. Azadari is our identification as a Shia let it not stop.Let our religious leaders and their religious leaders settle things amicably..you guys in Lucknow should take a lesson from us Mumbaikars , Hyderabadis, go to Kolkatta see the Sunnis Shias celebrate Moharam wthout creating law and order problems.. ths is my personal belief, even Delhi is an example of Shia Sunni compatibilty.
Now some assorted Chehlum pictures ..as many are deleted on my Word Press site.
Also during Chehlum in Mumbai are the Shia Gypsies or Khana Badosh who come from interiors to participate in this event, they are a very dynamic race , their kids and women the most beautiful specimen of nature and Gods kindness to their free spirit.

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