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Riding Into The Twilight

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i have finally decided
to take a break
no more
burning the
midnight oil
staying awake
running after
an elusive snowflake
i have removed
the icing from
this cake
my life
down in the dumps
too much at stake
no writers block
not going to blog
for blogging sake
facebook twitter flickr
hook line and sinker
dumped in the lake
more dangerous
than illicit love
is blogging
bitten by a double
headed snake
wounded business
wounded family life
far too many mistakes
on google search
firoze shakir
barefeet blogger
just a keepsake
a memory underlying
pain and pathos
no give and take
a momentous thirst
that time
could not slake
bollywoods most wanted
a mere namesake
one flu over the cuckoos nest
no swine flu no outbreak
blogging riding a headless
horse at the sweepstakes
with my detractors
friend relatives
foes a last handshake
good bye glenn
goodbye angel
goodbye posey
goodbye benn
goodbye dragon fly
goodbye monsoon lover
goodbye metaverse
goodbye bernie
all flickr facebook friends
of every make
even the shia
hating fruitcake
my final jailbreak
memories layered
one top of the other
no more heart aches


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