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twitpic firoze shakir photographerno1 shia pandit muslims killing muslim




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the shia pandit
has an american cousin
glenn losack
another cousin
who is a brit
righteous ilefty to wit
nude cyclists
a street photographer
too has too exist
desensitize his pain
his sufferings
or cut off his wrist
in life it is time and tide
you just cant twist
riding the chariot
of hope and desires
into the mist
the terrorists
kill innocent people
destroy the house of god
silence from all other twits
yet I cut my body
they call it heresy
give the terrorists
the mullah backed
clean chit
tears on the soul
of humanity
every bit
mayhem and chaos
played out like a vengeful skit
the chicken living with vipers
in a snake pit
on the accursed
soul of yazidiyat
we piddle and spit
his followers and lovers
wonder till date
who did it ..
changing the course of history
petro-dollars poisonous puritanism
neatly knit
a fate of a community
in two parts split
sectarian hate
Muslims killing Muslims
a thought
they dont get it
in religious wars everything
from raping a child
to burning a mosque
is legit
hate can only hate transmit
misplaced martyrdom
a jehad to which
their misguided
soul submit
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 13 2009 16:45 GMT cdc PRO
great capture
too much blood
Jun 14 2009 03:17 GMT photographerno1
yes that is part of a load shedding called faith.. I am a Shia born Indian Muslim it comes with the territory.,.thank you CDC you are a magician with your macros..