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The Hijdas and Photographer No1


The Hijdas are Indian transgenders. Biologically born men, living lives dressed as women,the richer ones go for sex change, but live as Hijdas.This state of Mind of living as a Hijda was coined by Laxmi Narayan Tripathi my Hijda guru, as” Hijdaeroticness”.

The Hijdas have their hierarchy, system based, the heads are called Nayaks , below them Gurus the lowest rung are the followers called Chelas . The hijdas have their own ethnicity unlike the transgenders in the West. The Hijdas have their Gods Lord Iravan, so those hijdas in the South call themselves Aravanis,they have a goddess who they worship as Bhauchara Mata,there is a English disciple at the Temple who is a Hijda and considered a living Hijda Saint.

The Hijdas irrespctive of their belifs have one common spiritual code, Sarv Dharm Ek, means all Religion is One. The largest gathering of Hijdas in the month of May is at the Koovagam Koothandavar Eunuch festival. After that at the Urus of Khwajah Garib Nawaz at Ajmer, all located in a hijda gully called Moti Katra. Another place the Hijdas throng in large numbers is at the Urus of the Saint of Haji Malang near Kalyan close to Mumbai. This picture was taken at Haji Malang, it was here I decided to write about Hijdas, post their lives through my pictures

.For me the Hijdas is not about alternate sexuality,it is a very important human factor, they have to be treated as Humans.They deserve a better deal.These Hijdas are fiercely private, gifted, some more wealthy than an industrialist or news baron. The eunuch is a born child with defective genitalia given to the Hijdas, like Mona the Eunuch child. I am a hetro sexual male, no confusion about my sexual orientation, but I am a disciple of Laxmi Narayan Tripathi , my metrosexual net savvy Guru.

I do not have time or sponsorship to finance me to reach out to the Hijdas in India, I have no intention to write a coffee table book, but my Blogs are a book to be read online. So there is more to my stories than just blood soaked Moharam pictures..

Another fact about Hijdas, they are identified by their profession of choice, you have the lowest rung of beggar hijdas found at traffic signals, trains, at lovers nooks extorting money from love starved couples, the hijdas that dance on births and weddings, known as badhai, than you have the hijdas from Kamatipura who are prostitutes.. Hijdas are now becoming politicians like Shabnam Mausi. Bobby Darling is not a Hijda but a male wanting to become a woman through sex change, he is the toast of Bollywood. For more on Hijdas you can visit my homesite..


May 31st, 2007

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