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Marziya Shakir Falls Seriously Sick

A few days back my grand daughter Marziya Shakir 7 month old caught a viral infection, unabating fever, loss of appetite and body pain.
Her smiles and laughter were replaced by her dirgeful cries.
Visits to her doctor continued.
We Indians are a very supersticious lot, so we conveniently put the blame on the evil eye.
So along with her medicines , her great grandmother Wassim Qazilbash, my mother in law who is visiting us from Lucknow continued airing the Holy Scriptures on her face .
My maid servant who is very fond of Marziya began removing the evil eye or Nazar through salt , egg etc.
Our house became a hospital lounge , as Marziya began losing weight..
I too recited the verses of the Holy Koran all night as she lay on the bed helpless insecure.
But her mother and her father continued the all night vigil...bravely positively.
My wife too trying to bring a smile back on Marziyas face .

I removed her website and her pictures at my Flickr photostream from public view..they are now a private domain.

Yesterday she went with all of us to a very important event of our collective lives the engagement of my son Saif Shakir.
She could not be left behind , though unwell, crochety and in a foul mood everytime..

But a change came over her once she reached the event.

She was back to her normal self chirpy, smiling , though much of her color has faded with her illness.
I thought I owed my friends and well wishers an explanation to her privacy..
A model grand child at ease with the mouse the monitor and the keyboard.
A grand child who smiles and knows the Nikon D80 as a part of her camera mind.
I will not be posting her pictures on the cybernet.

This picture is of Marziya in pain holding dearly to her great grand mother Wassim Qazilbashs hand - for blessings hope and safety.

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