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happy world photography day 2009 marziya shakir bw jatkar daguerre


Happy World Photography Day 2009

On 4 January 1829 Niepce agreed to go into partnership with Louis Daguerre. Niepce died only four years

later, but Daguerre continued to experiment. Soon he had discovered a way of developing photographic

plates, a process which greatly reduced the exposure time from eight hours down to half an hour.

He also discovered that an image could be made permanent by immersing it in salt.

Following a report on this invention by Paul Delaroche, a leading scholar of the day, the French government bought the rights to it in July 1839. Details of the process were made public on 19 August 1839, and Daguerre named it the Daguerreotype

The announcement that the Daguerreotype "requires no knowledge of drawing...." and that " anyone may succeed...and perform as well as the author of the invention" was greeted with enormous interest, and "Daguerreomania" became a craze overnight. An interesting account of these days is given by a writer called Gaudin , who was present the day that the announcement was made.

This information with respect to Photography- by M.S.Hebbar,AFIAP.,Hon.YPS.,Hon.FIP

Today the world celebrates World Photography Day , I dedicate this post to late BW Jatkar , my Guru and a Guru to many other photographers like me..most of them dont even know that a giant of photography has passrd away.

He left this earth on 2 August 2009.

He is survived by his wife , son and daughter Shivani Birje of New Jersey.

The picture is of a 21 month old child called Marziya Shakir who shoots with a Nikon D80 assisted by me..

from a giant called jatkar
the magic of photography
into my vein flows
from my veins
it touches the soul of
marziya 21 month old
grand daughter
of a barefeet blogger
called firoze
camera the greatest
instrument of peace
that god chose
holistically healing
the wounds of the world
as everyone knows
giving hope
love and peace
instead of blows
from one end
to another end
pictures glow
making poems
out of pictorial prose
a new world is possible
as a blessing
it bestows
from a little seedling
into a giant of photography
called black and white jatkar
as it grows
photographers never die
they leave their
footprints on sands of time
that we expose

And I am crying now..
when I die Marziya - will inherit my pictorial heritage ..a better poem she will compose ..

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Comments on this photo:

Aug 19 2009 17:52 GMT cdc PRO
nice composition
Aug 21 2009 14:01 GMT photographerno1
thank you cdc