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Majlis at Moghul Masjid..and Terrorism Beginnings

Date: 02/06/2006 Time: 07:57 PM Visits: 33 Majlis at Moghul Masjid..and Terrorism Beginnings.

This is a Majlis in progress and the Maulana is narrating the events at Karbala and the Martyrdom..of Imam Hussain ..the first part of the majlis is Fazail events and then comes the Maasail where the misdeeds of Yazid and the Ummayad Caliphate are recited so as to make the Azzreen the gathering cry..Tears for Imam Hussain and mourning is the essential part of Shia thought and Philosphy.

After the Majlis the people beat their chests and recite a Noha.. a dirge.. the chant continues Ya Hussain,, Ya Hussain and Ya Sakina Ya Abbas,,Ala Tash Ala Tash.. Water.. This was the pleading cries of the children when was water was stopped in the camps of Imam Hussain,on the burning sand of Karbala, the waters of the Euphates were blocked to the Prophets Family .. though animals had a field day.. this too is an aspect of early tribal rivalry and thirst for power.among the early Arabs and nomads...

Yazid wanted the grandson of the Holy Prophet Imam Hussain to join hands with him called Bayt.. Treaty but Imam Hussain knew his evil deedsand the sufferings of the people. so the Imam flatly refused.. the battle for Honor and Values ensued.. The Imams 72 headed army was deccimated..his loyal friends, his brothers,his sons, nephews not even his 6 month son Ali Asghar was spared and this was barbarism of Brotherhood..towards a family their only crime they loved Allah and were related by blood to the Person .. who spearheaded a campaign to remove Ignorance and bring us close to Knowledge and the word of God.Slaughtered bodies left naked on the sands of Karbala and horses made to ride over them..

The Imams indomitable and brave sister Janabe Zainab his little daughter Sakina all the womenfolk and a surving male member Zainul Abedeen a sickly man was left .. these few folks heavily manacled were driven like cattle baefeet on the burning sands to the court to Syria Damascus to the court of Yazid.. to me mocked jeered and prisoned.. the women were snatched of their Chadars.. had to cover their shame by hiding their faces with the hair..

( And the Fire Matam is done to show our solidarity and to experience the pain of their condemned walk.)

All this is happening in the name of Allah I guess as the Yazids army was supposedly Muslims.. this is unjustifiable cruelty to the First family of the Prophet..with impeccable credentials, humility and believers of Allah Koran and the Shariat I think I have no other word for this cowardly act perperated by overzealous and wild bunch of pretentious religious fanatics.. and I call this unashemedly


And earlier the Imam was staying in Madina and when all this began to unfold the Imam did not want bloodshed of of the brethren in the twin holy cities of Mecca Madina so he proceeded to Karbala in Iraq.. the Imam did not want bloodshed till the end and had even desired to go to Hindustan.. India where the people were hospitable and would give their lives to protect their guests..such was Hindu Thought and Ethos at that time..and so Karbala.. is the strength of the Righteous be he of any color caste or creed Shia or Sunni..or American..expansionists..who protect what they cant save...Honor and the Sovereignity of Iraq..

Iraq is not a country or a soil Iraqi is a Belief..yes Iraq is back to the rigtful Hussain.. Hazrat Imam Hussain.. The Shias have suffered under Saddam Hussain...and American hegemony is nothing but a Saddam Hussain with an American drawl.. And this is not my political thought ... its an internationally evidenced view of our times...and inhuman crimes of all concerned..Peace is the Dove that lies bloodsplatterd..once agian on the sand dunes of Karbala..

This was my early writings as photo blogger at Webshots, but it was Buzznet, Buzznet friiends favorites that groomed me, sculpted me into what I am today.. an opinionated Blog.

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