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Comments on this photo:

Mar 16 2011 16:19 GMT martini957
awwww so sad...I seem to recall thinking this shot was wood
Mar 16 2011 16:20 GMT martini957
Oh well I looked through your pictures & couldn't find the one I thought was wood...so I'm mistaken I do reckon : (
Mar 16 2011 17:47 GMT Papagena
Sad image indeed !! But I wouldn't like to be bitten by them !!
Mar 16 2011 18:39 GMT FLUMP
Made me cringe :-)
Mar 16 2011 19:54 GMT lookchile
¿Efectos de la crisis nuclear en Japón???
Mar 16 2011 20:12 GMT Pea2007
What a waste of good Salmon
Mar 16 2011 21:53 GMT bennystr
Mar 17 2011 01:22 GMT peterpinhole
Pea2007 ( Peter )
It may look like a waste but it is really a happy ending ...to know that they have spawned and procreated their species as many of them don't make it back to their place of origin to do this. This years Sockeye salmon return was many times larger than recent years which is due partially to assistance from local hatcheries. Many other species are not doing so well...
Mar 17 2011 01:27 GMT peterpinhole
We can only hope the radiation in Japan can be contained and not a threat to our oceans lookchile.
Thanks all for comment.
Mar 17 2011 01:33 GMT peterpinhole
Its funny you should say that Nancy as I do have a shot of a piece of driftwood behind my sisters office which resembles a fish but I have not uploaded it here. You must have psychic powers:)
Mar 17 2011 01:34 GMT peterpinhole
They do have some sharp teeth don't they Papagena!
Mar 17 2011 01:43 GMT peterpinhole
The smell was pretty bad too....
Mar 17 2011 02:30 GMT potterjo
Life ....
Mar 17 2011 03:02 GMT zzzam
I think that they may be Coho because of the teeth and hooked nose. Sockeye are manly plankton feeders so don't need the teeth that the fish eating Coho do!
Mar 17 2011 03:46 GMT peterpinhole
I didnt identify the ones in the picture as sockeyes....I think they are chums or pinks actually...just saying we had a great sockeye run this year.
Thanks for comment though bro:)
Mar 17 2011 04:12 GMT MargNZ
The rules of nature ... dramatic and great shot Peter :)
Mar 21 2011 03:38 GMT shmengy
nice b&w Pete!
Mar 30 2011 15:35 GMT saffi9
great shot - we dont always have to shoot nature at its best ,