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Comments on this photo:

Nov 19 2012 21:14 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Yes, and this is a super photo!
Nov 19 2012 21:33 GMT saffi9
really captured the juiciness
Nov 19 2012 21:49 GMT 25barb
I guess if I didn't like it I would as this is a most tempting photo done in a classic style.
Lovely colors and superb lighting. Captured and presented so very well.
Nov 19 2012 21:50 GMT pauli3522
thank you dear barbara. i love to read your comments on ft...
Nov 19 2012 22:49 GMT fa69
Great macro, beautiful colors !!!
Nov 20 2012 00:32 GMT martini957
Yes....and this one looks GREAT!!!
Nov 20 2012 04:35 GMT peterpinhole
You could earn a living with food photography. You have made it look so good!
Great close up Paulina.
Nov 20 2012 05:25 GMT laurab1
Stunning close-up Paulina!
Nov 20 2012 06:18 GMT sini
Nov 20 2012 08:52 GMT skyball
A lovely colourful shot Pauli..something i have never tasted:-))......
Nov 20 2012 09:32 GMT hans55 PRO
yumm ..healthy fruit !!
Nov 20 2012 10:40 GMT bandsix
It's a wonderful shot...and yes, I love kiwi..apparently two kiwi eaten an hour before bedtime helps people to sleep...zzzzzz.....
Nov 20 2012 13:30 GMT clintonfolks
yes.! great photo.!!!
Nov 20 2012 16:36 GMT elsje323
yes, this one looks very tasty
Nov 20 2012 16:44 GMT julie13
Great close up :)
Nov 20 2012 16:46 GMT Midworlder PRO
Yes I lke myself :-)
Nov 20 2012 16:53 GMT Myshots
Looks good enough to eat....Excellent capture...
Nov 20 2012 20:38 GMT yvonNL
mmm this one sure
Nov 20 2012 20:53 GMT wijnie58
Yammie, I like kiwi's, Paulina..:-))
Nov 20 2012 20:58 GMT mysticwonder
I like it but it dont like me lol I have a allergy to it.My throat and ears become itchy when i eat it.
Nov 20 2012 21:03 GMT Esben
wery fine macro
Nov 20 2012 21:15 GMT jmcdh
Fantastic photo Paulina
Nov 21 2012 10:37 GMT Annamaria
Yes, I do, Paulina! And they are healthy too! Nice shiny shot of this one...;-))
Nov 22 2012 02:52 GMT potterjo
Looks delicious, excellent image.
Nov 23 2012 04:56 GMT hallo
Eye catching capture!
Nov 23 2012 07:07 GMT marijke06
juicy view!
Nov 23 2012 19:12 GMT Bellavista
great placed focus! looks so tempting!
Nov 23 2012 19:24 GMT Pea2007
I do like them......great image.
Nov 23 2012 23:50 GMT Littleollie
I love Kiwi, as I am one. I like Kiwi Fruit too. :-)
Nov 24 2012 17:13 GMT mellie
Yes, I just bought a bunch yesterday. Yummy shot! :-)
Dec 08 2012 21:18 GMT abojovna PRO
Beautiful detail of fresh Kiwi Fruit!
Dec 28 2012 23:25 GMT will
it has the most itamin C ...but you knew that)
Dec 28 2012 23:26 GMT pauli3522
yes..i love it
Dec 28 2012 23:29 GMT will
i am happy for you.) helalthy 2013 to you pauli, we survived the Mayan calendar end time, that's a start, huh?
Dec 28 2012 23:38 GMT pauli3522
hahaha..you are so funny..i think since the human beings are living in this planet many people have told many profecies about the end of the world....but..i think nobody knows...so we can go on jumping for living in this planet
Dec 29 2012 14:10 GMT will
are we all just lost, pauli? ..look) ...http://youtu.be/V3cQdA8LJDo

*oh, keep jumping..)
Dec 29 2012 18:49 GMT pauli3522
omg..i am in shock..this is so sad..poor animals
Dec 29 2012 23:53 GMT will
yes, but the adult pengguins saved them in the end pauli if you saw the whole thing!..) so they all survived that storm.....it is hard to see though...it reminded me of all of us people just walking blindly around in life for the most part and that was my point! lol...)

maybe as a species someday we may find our way!! happy 201 )paulina )
Oct 12 2013 09:02 GMT hadja
nice close up...