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after our losts, we decide to get a new dog, she is an adopted street doggie..dr. said that she is a mixed labrador....is he right?
it is wonderful to play with her....she is SOL or Sun....my family and i love her a lotttttttttttttttttttt...dady is almost crazy because she loves to make holes in the garden....and she plays with her toys, specially balls all the time....
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Comments on this photo:

May 05 2014 20:27 GMT bandsix
She looks very serious.....I am glad she has found a happy home....perhaps she will find her smile again now!
May 05 2014 20:59 GMT wijnie58
I agree with Barbara...What a lovely dog, Paulina..:-))
May 05 2014 21:06 GMT jmcdh
Lovely dog Paulina have lots of happiness and fun together
May 05 2014 21:15 GMT clintonfolks
wonderful photo. so glad she has a wonderful home.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 05 2014 22:44 GMT josephnoel
Its a beautiful dog
May 05 2014 23:16 GMT sketchart
looks mostly lab to me. just the ears are a little smaller
fine choice!
May 06 2014 00:15 GMT will
She is beautiful, wow, you are lucky nd so is she! Yes, this is the perfect dog and reminds me of all mine....they have all been lab mixes and they are wonderful friends, believe me , pauli, you made a great choice for sure!.) nice name too, Soll!
May 06 2014 04:43 GMT Annamaria
She looks very cute, Paulina!! I am glad you have a new dog!! I bet your father is gad too... (deep down in his heart) ;-)
May 06 2014 10:18 GMT Papagena
Even if you are still sad about your lost dogs, she will make you very happy, and so are you doing for her Paulina !!! ;*)
May 06 2014 10:24 GMT skyball
A fine looking dog Pauli...you have done the best thing for yourself and the dog!!!!!......
May 06 2014 13:25 GMT Jeanmac
She looks a lovely dog and it's nice that she has found a caring family!!
May 06 2014 14:00 GMT Esben
looks fine - - god for you and the dog. congratulation !
May 07 2014 02:15 GMT T1MELESS PRO
A healthy looking dog and there is quite a bit of lab in her. I am sure you will enjoy each others company for a long time !!!!!
May 07 2014 12:19 GMT julie13
What a beautiful girl. Street dogs are very intelligent, they have to be to survive. They also have a lot of love to give and now she is home you will see this.
The world needs kind people like you, she needed you and she found you. I wish you many years of happiness with her. Give her a big hug from me x x x
May 07 2014 15:07 GMT gtc126
Beautiful Black Lab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 07 2014 21:11 GMT mellie
Congratulations, Paulina. She has a forever home now with you. All of our pets have been adopted and so loving. Happy for you!
May 09 2014 22:12 GMT Studio88
Hi Pauli - Black Labs are Great Dogs.We had our Max, he was Fantastic Black Lab;
Kissed Children and Cats, Barked at all other Dogs (except small ones).
I Know SOL is putting the smile back in your Life. All of the Best ;-))
May 11 2014 12:04 GMT charlie26
Hello Paulina. Very nice dog. Hope you all have lots of fun with her. Great of you to take such a dog. They deserve a happy life too. I'm sure she gets it from you.
May 11 2014 19:54 GMT pauli3522
thank you julie for your wonderful comment that comes from your heart....and yes..i will give sol a hug for you....
May 12 2014 11:29 GMT Squirrel PRO
LOVELY DOG SHOT >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
May 12 2014 12:07 GMT Lie
Ohhhh.... I love Sol already she is a beauty.

Lots off luck and fun with your new dog ! Tell daddy that it's temperaly, the dicking in the garden.....
Dear Paulina did you have your diploma already or when do you have to do examen ???
May 14 2014 21:29 GMT pauli3522
thank you lie for your nice comment ..i will tell my dady...well.. all of us are so happy with her and very patient...she is like a hurricane...lol...
no my dear lie...i have not get it yet...i hope to end my studies next july...and then i hope to get my new degree...thank you for your support...
May 14 2014 22:17 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
She looks adorable, Paulina, and I'm sure you'll make each other very happy!
May 17 2014 18:37 GMT seventhkitty
beautiful eyes
May 17 2014 19:18 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
A lovely dog! Nice name - the sunshine in your family. :)
May 23 2014 11:41 GMT hans55 PRO
very nice doggie pictures !!!
Jun 01 2014 14:50 GMT otilia
que divino, como me gustan los animales. Mucha gente ya no está, otros por suerte si.
Un beso, Oti
Jun 15 2014 12:35 GMT Studio88
Beautiful Lab, SOL..We had a Black Lab mutt, Max ...Labs are very playful ;-)
Jun 17 2014 14:51 GMT Hanny50
It's great to have a new friend at your home Paulina, I'm sorry for the loss of your old dog.
Dec 26 2014 00:41 GMT will
He looks like my bear part lab great dogs for sure