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Tags oregon

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do you know the kind of animal is this?,,please let me know...have a nice week for all my friends at ft....
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 21 2012 01:07 GMT Jakeobean
Paulina...is this a young bull moose by any chance.......Just guessing...
Aug 21 2012 01:16 GMT pauli3522
thanks so much jakeobean....how do you know that he is a young moose?
Aug 21 2012 02:53 GMT Kent0607
Aug 21 2012 03:29 GMT Wildspirit PRO
I think it is a young moose...but then, I've never seen a moose in the wild.

Aug 21 2012 03:31 GMT pauli3522
he was in an special place..a national park in oregon
Aug 21 2012 04:24 GMT sini
Great portrait!:)
Aug 21 2012 05:09 GMT Squirrel PRO
Beautiful animal !
Aug 21 2012 07:15 GMT 25barb
A well captured photo
Wonderful details showing the softness of the fur and the lighting is perfect
I like the head on look---looking you straight in the eye
Original screen great
Aug 21 2012 10:50 GMT MargNZ
Whatever it is Pauli it is an excellent photo :))
Aug 21 2012 11:05 GMT clintonfolks
looks like an Elk
Aug 21 2012 12:16 GMT Annamaria
I would guess it has the body of a moose and the head of an elk...;-) Just kidding...don't know what it is Paulina, but he makes a great model!! ;-)
Aug 21 2012 13:40 GMT wijnie58
Beautiful shot, Paulina...-))
Aug 21 2012 17:36 GMT elsje323
great portrait of this animal!!
Aug 22 2012 12:59 GMT martini957
I don't know what kind of animal it is....interesting animal though...great shot too
Aug 23 2012 03:58 GMT westyman
Definitely ELK, it was an Elk preserve, remember? :-)
Aug 23 2012 19:33 GMT abojovna PRO
Very nice photo! I also think it´s a young deer. This Mesopotamian fallow deer is in young age similar, but rare.


An extremely rare species in the wild (4), the Persian fallow deer (Dama mesopotamica), also known as the Mesopotamian fallow deer (5), has a short, smooth coat ranging from reddish-brown to ochre in colour. A band of white spots runs along the lower body, above which white spots are spread randomly, and a dark line, flanked by two rows of white spots or a solid white line, runs down the centre of the back to the tail. The muzzle and the undersides of the neck, chin and jowls are all white (5). Only male Persian fallow deer bear attractive antlers, which are rather thick and flattened (5) (6).

The Persian fallow deer is similar in appearance to the European fallow deer (Dama dama), except for the Persian fallow deer is larger and lacks the large, flat ‘palm’ on the upper antlers (5). In the past there has been confusion over whether the Persian fallow deer constitutes its own species or is a subspecies of the European fallow deer (Dama dama); however, the Persian fallow deer is now considered to be a separate species (1).
Aug 23 2012 23:15 GMT pauli3522
hahahahaha..i remember the place, the animal..but no idea the kind of animal that it was..elk..in spanish is.....?
Aug 24 2012 06:44 GMT josephnoel
Well captured
Aug 24 2012 07:52 GMT hans55 PRO
looks like a deer to me ...nice portrait !!
Aug 24 2012 09:16 GMT skyball
Alot of interesting guesswork here Pauli!!..a deer of sorts,and young because of the short furry antlers!!.(i think):-))
Aug 24 2012 20:24 GMT Papagena
A good question !! I hope you have got the right answer!!............
Aug 24 2012 22:21 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Great photo of a lovely animal - whatever he is!
Aug 25 2012 22:54 GMT linnywv PRO
Aug 26 2012 01:05 GMT westyman
Well, since I was there at the very moment the photo was taken, I would be the definite authority and no guesswork involved. Definitely ELK, in an ELK Preserve. http://www.wildlifehotspots.com/deancreek.html
Aug 27 2012 18:46 GMT charlie26
I would say a deer. Nice photo Pauline.
Aug 28 2012 11:34 GMT annieann PRO
lovely shot
Aug 28 2012 13:46 GMT senna3
Fantastic portrait photography!
Aug 29 2012 00:41 GMT manganesesulfate
very nice.
Aug 30 2012 15:28 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
My first thougth was a young spring moose, but the antlers are more defined and the longer, thinner face leads to me Elk. See: http://www.flickr.com/photos/alchristensen/7309345778/ for reference.
Aug 30 2012 15:29 GMT pauli3522
thank you so much for the information my friend..i hope you and your family are doing very well.
Aug 30 2012 16:25 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
You're welcome. It's nice to see the Elk and Moose in the spring as they regrow their antlers for a new season.
Sep 03 2012 08:08 GMT Hanny50
Wonderful shot Pauli!!
Oct 14 2012 14:44 GMT pieter40
Fantastic its so nice,special in large.Fav.!!!!!