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Tags arenita


last february 15th my second older doggie died too...my family and i are so sad for our lost.....i love you arenita.....so much....
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 02 2014 20:54 GMT ForestSpirit
So sorry to see that you've lost another beloved pet, Paulina. She was a beautiful dog. My condolences to you and your family.
Apr 02 2014 21:16 GMT Papagena
It's always so sad to lose a lovely pet companion but she will remain in your heart for ever Paulina !!
Apr 03 2014 02:08 GMT will
I can't believe this, I'm so sorry for you pauli..(..i hope you are ok
Apr 03 2014 13:40 GMT Lalbabu
Share the sorrow with you Paulina also agree with Ruth's comment.
Apr 03 2014 17:25 GMT Jeanmac
What a sweet face. It's always sad when you lose a family pet
Apr 05 2014 02:04 GMT T1MELESS PRO
I agree with Jeanmac :-((
Apr 05 2014 03:05 GMT martini957
Precious face....makes my eyes mist up
Apr 06 2014 04:34 GMT MargNZ
I am so sorry you have lost Arenita .... this is a precious photo .
Apr 06 2014 20:50 GMT junne PRO
our pets never live long enough, too often we have to experience this pain. but it would be worse if they survived us, what would happen to them........
Apr 08 2014 06:29 GMT Esben
nice photo off your beloved Arenita sadly we don't have them forever!!!
Apr 09 2014 12:37 GMT skyball
A sad time for you Pauli..which most of us has experienced..and the only way we found to get over it was to get another...a lovely series of doggie pics!!!!!!........
Apr 09 2014 16:58 GMT Snappa1
Lovely memory for you
Apr 10 2014 12:51 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
It's always tough to lose our beloved pets....time will ensure that only the good memories stay with you forever.
Apr 10 2014 19:03 GMT julie13
The loss of a beloved pet is unbearable, they are part of the family. I lost two last year to cancer, Storm first followed by his mum Jess so I understand your grief. Be strong x x x
Apr 12 2014 18:50 GMT Lie
Lovely to see, with a heavy heart....it hurt to loss a lovely animal....
Be strong my friend Paulina, you will always keep her in your heart...
Apr 14 2014 03:34 GMT Studio88
So sorry Pauli :-(
Apr 14 2014 21:19 GMT wijnie58
Sorry to hear, Paulina but a beautiful memory...:-))
Apr 15 2014 01:34 GMT magiceye
Sorry to hear of your loss. This is a beautiful portrait.
Apr 15 2014 18:08 GMT elsje323
sorry to hear this, beautiful memory shot
Apr 15 2014 20:53 GMT derkz
Sorry for the lost of your doggie....