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Comments on this photo:

Dec 26 2007 15:28 GMT JPHarr
I can think of better things to do with a classic Mustang convertible than to have it be a bird poop holder. ;-)
Dec 26 2007 15:40 GMT Cooler PRO
Nice capture, but I fully agree with JPHarr ;-)))
Dec 26 2007 18:40 GMT Midworlder PRO
odd indeed
Dec 27 2007 01:45 GMT papaxti
I agree. This is at a used car lot in Springfield, Tennessee. What a shame and waste!
Dec 27 2007 02:35 GMT JPHarr
There is a Dodge dealership in Henderson, Kentucky that has a first-generation Viper on their pole as an advertisement. Apparently, the dealership owner was one of the lucky ones to receive a Viper in the first batch shipped. He had the windows triple-limo tinted and all the mechanical parts filled with oil, along with other preservation methods. One of these years, he'll take it down and have it reconditioned and will be the owner of a priceless zero-mile original Viper, after it did double duty as a sign. Not a bad investment!
Dec 28 2007 04:41 GMT kimbob
They should put some mannequins in it with arms that wave--or maybe just some legs sticking out
Dec 31 2007 15:06 GMT marbon
happy new year!
Dec 31 2007 15:22 GMT papaxti
Thank you Marbon, Happy New Year to you.
Jan 02 2008 04:08 GMT Londi PRO
I agree with JP ;+)

Laughing at birdpoop holder!!!