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The official FFF-staffcar, for 2006, the only1 in Rotterdam, and powermike made this picture
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 04 2006 12:28 GMT paparazziboy
Dannybadboy!, if you and Snoopdog see this car in your rearviewmirror,..it's..2 late!
Feb 04 2006 13:00 GMT stuboy
Yeah, it won't be in his rear view mirror for long...Hahaha....
Feb 04 2006 13:37 GMT blondy1966
Feb 04 2006 13:52 GMT bertel
I could not remember where I parked it. Thank you/B
Feb 04 2006 13:58 GMT Mia87
Not bad, but it's too slow for my FERRARI ;))))
Feb 04 2006 14:15 GMT blondy1966
It's as fast as a ferrari darling!, it has only 500 horsepower, and it is faster than all ferrari's, I am very sorry Mia!, I really am!
Feb 04 2006 20:00 GMT ToXxIcRoSe
Im sorry Blondy, but being a car finatic i feel the need to prove you wrong :P..it is most deffinetly NOT faster than all ferarris your forgetting the ferarri enzo,
2003 Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale, i could rattle off many..allow me to prove my point:
for exsample the stradale's basic stats are:
2822 lbs curb weight (way lighter than the rolls royce)
186 mph top speed(again way faster)
60 mph in 4.0 sec(faster again)
100 mph in 9.7 sec

you forgot to take into consideration the weight the tq..pretty much everything...horsepower means almost NOTHING now a-days..(like the new subaru is 400 hp and its still not even close to the top of the line..i hate subarus by the way) lol and the ferarri enzo's stats are even MORE impressive..
the 0-100 (in 6.6 seconds) almost beats the Rolls Royce's 0-60..
and the Enzo's 0-60 is 3.3 seconds not to mention also its top speed is OVER 200 mph
..so im sorry to burst your bubble and burden you all with those car specs but i couldnt let this wrong impression go on..needless to say Mia's right, sorry Blondy! :P (By the way, in no way was i trying to bash the Rolls Royce they still remain one of my favorite cars!! and awesome picture btw!) hahah im done now :P
Feb 04 2006 20:52 GMT blondy1966
Our Phantom Is factory chiptuned, it runs over 320 km/hour is much better than any ferrari, in Marbella we have a 512BBi, looks fantastic, but cannot beat the Phantom.
Feb 05 2006 20:05 GMT Dannybad
yo dude nice ride
Feb 06 2006 23:18 GMT ToXxIcRoSe
hahahhahahah no i dont think so im sorry :P mebe we should race the ferrari enzo and that and then we'll see who wins eh? 100 mph in 6 seconds? i dont think any rolls royce can beat that...
Feb 06 2006 23:27 GMT ToXxIcRoSe
and not tryin to pick a fight btw just trying to prove a point...i also forgot to mention if that thing COULD get to that speed, since its not designed or built for that speed it would be a very bumpy difficult ride and hard to keep in a straight line without wiping out...:)
Feb 07 2006 22:12 GMT paparazziboy
very interesting!, if you don''t mind i take a beer from the fridge and think about it....
Aug 26 2007 08:32 GMT gwen83
Dat is ook echt een gave auto...................
Aug 26 2007 08:36 GMT paparazziboy
450000 Euro's is ie van jou
Aug 26 2007 08:41 GMT gwen83
Zo dan moet ik eerst de loterij winnen, hahahaha............
Aug 26 2007 08:44 GMT paparazziboy
om dat jij het bent, en de dochter van mijn buddy hans 425000!, hij zuipt wel een beetje, en verzekering is ook een beetje duur,..ik zou liever naar wat anders kijken