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Comments on this photo:

Jun 28 2009 08:59 GMT ENZO
great celebration
Jun 28 2009 11:52 GMT paparazziboy
..i donno, i just feel sorry for michael, he is a good example of what can happen to you if you are multi talented , very rich and famous, i guess he never had a moment to be himself, mostlikely tricked into a direction a infantile person like him doesn't belong, he couldn't get out when the world was confinced he was a pedophile,..maybe he was, but if he wasn't,.. that was the moment he died,..we killed Michael Jackson,...easy as 123, abc, you and me, we..we killed Michael Jackson,...

Jun 28 2009 13:54 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
your words are so true.....we did it...
Jun 28 2009 18:33 GMT Peixy

Donít blame it on the sunshine
Donít blame it on the moonlight
Donít blame it on the good times................
Jun 29 2009 14:09 GMT EveCN
MJ, miss u much
Jun 30 2009 07:16 GMT bazer PRO
He Had more in one week Than Most People will Have in there Whole Lives I wont Shed a tear For Him 20 mil Gets a Good Lawyer .....And No... He and His Friends and Family Did it to Him We Just watched it all Unfold Fed to us By The Star Chasers
Jun 30 2009 12:23 GMT SlowCheeetah
well, hope he's happy now......R.I.P !!!
Sep 23 2010 23:40 GMT fashionmonster94
I feel that in the future I will be the new Michael jackson