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i am 50 kilos.
i need to lose 5 kilos by 15 March cause of my choreography mambo and cha-cha!!!
I started already running.
I remembered the old times in my coaching ...when i was teenager!!!
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 26 2008 21:35 GMT mariazinha32
you look great T....
Jan 26 2008 21:36 GMT MCCCXIV
i think you need to stay just the way you are Theodora, you look amazing :-)
Jan 26 2008 21:38 GMT nimbus
thanks dear, but my regular kilos are 45 so i need to lose some of them.
Until now i have not any problem, but i can feel that when i am dancing.
Even though when i am drive my bike!
Jan 26 2008 21:43 GMT bennystr
Another beautiful portrait!
Jan 26 2008 21:45 GMT nimbus
thank you magenta
thanks maria
thanks scott
thanks bennystr

Jan 26 2008 21:45 GMT oneiro
εξαιρετικό ασπρόμαυρο...δεν γίνεται να μην γίνει fav.....πόσο μάλλον που η Θεοδώρα είναι απο την κορφή...μέχρι τις γόβες!!
Jan 26 2008 21:47 GMT nimbus
xaxaxaxaxa είσαι απίστευτη!
Σε ευχαριστώ καρδούλα μου να είσαι πάντα καλά! :))))
Jan 26 2008 21:47 GMT jceca PRO
i want 45 too ... so ... just give me a few of yours !!!! i'm 42 ... :-))

nice photo .....
Jan 26 2008 21:49 GMT nimbus
xaxaxaxa ok i will cut to give you:) no worries dear xaxaxaxa we are so funny!!!
Jan 26 2008 21:54 GMT bazer PRO
You Look Fantastic ;-];-];-]
Jan 26 2008 22:03 GMT Educando
50 and lose more? o my, don't be starving yourself, you're great as you are..

Jan 26 2008 22:09 GMT nimbus
no i am not! thanks anyway:)
Jan 26 2008 22:24 GMT Pea2007
Another great one
Jan 26 2008 22:29 GMT 1stresseddesserts1
The inside is what counts, Nimbus
Jan 26 2008 22:31 GMT jceca PRO
deal !!!
you'll find my home address in your message box ... soon ... :-))
Jan 26 2008 22:36 GMT Midworlder PRO
You look great ... don't "back yourself into a corner' about weight though :-))))))))
As long as you are exercising as much as you are thats fine
Jan 26 2008 22:43 GMT eleni78 PRO
άλλη μια fav και από μένα:))))
Jan 26 2008 22:46 GMT nimbus
σε ευχαριστώ και πάλι γλυκιά μου Ελένη!
Jan 26 2008 22:50 GMT nimbus
dear Midworlder,
I confess, that you are reading a photograph.
You It did not just watch.
You have right...
I do sometimes, I bet myself in the corner.
It is not good that...
From the psychology well go see!
thanks anyway...:)))
Jan 26 2008 23:08 GMT abojovna PRO
Fantastic hairs! Nice to meet you!
Jan 26 2008 23:10 GMT nimbus
thanks dear:)
nice to meet you too!
Jan 26 2008 23:32 GMT peterpinhole
I think you are good to go as you are!! Running is good for the heart...Nice Tina Turner hair:))
Jan 26 2008 23:35 GMT nimbus
i remind you tina turner? xaxaxaxaxa nice!
Jan 26 2008 23:49 GMT Carlimauda
great pose.......don't lose 5 kilo T. otherwise I can't see you any more on photo
Jan 27 2008 01:48 GMT Studio88
You're in Fantastic Shape ;-))
Jan 27 2008 05:23 GMT Lucky222
5 k???
Ok, but no more than that.... you are fine the way you are already....
Jan 27 2008 10:49 GMT merce
50 kilos is not too much!!!!
Jan 27 2008 11:47 GMT sini
50 kilos?...you don't need to lose anything!)
Jan 27 2008 11:58 GMT nimbus
ok 2 kilos maybe dear:)???
Jan 27 2008 11:58 GMT StavrosMoforis
...σαν να σε έχει βάλει η δασκάλα τιμωρία στη γωνία, χαχαχαχα!!!!
Ωραία ιδέα η καθιστή πόζα, άρα πολύ ωραία και η φωτό..
όσο για τα κιλά σου.... τι να πώ??
εσείς οι γυναίκες είσαστε για δέσιμο μερικές φορές... ή γινόσαστε σαν ντουλάπες ή προσπαθείτε να μοιάσετε στα υστερικά, ανορεξικά μοντέλα!
bottom line: you look great and you don't need to lose one gram!!!
καλημέρα :))
Jan 27 2008 12:01 GMT nimbus
καλημέρα Σταύρο!
θέλω να χάσω 2-3 κιλά μόνο για τις χορογραφίες!!!
its the first time in my life i wanna lose kilos!!!!
Jan 27 2008 12:54 GMT LizSA
oh wow....what a good weight....

but I do understand...... goodluck and do not be too strick on yourself....!!

wonderful to have a dancing career...!!
Jan 27 2008 12:57 GMT nimbus
thanks Lizsa;)))
i am glad you understandnd me!
Jan 27 2008 13:03 GMT Peixy
50 kilo it is OK.......how long are you?

Jan 27 2008 13:06 GMT nimbus
1.57 m. is that good?
i am to short!!!!:))))
Jan 27 2008 13:16 GMT Dorado
good morning!
Jan 27 2008 14:39 GMT masqui
50 kilo is perfect for you. Don't worry, be happy!!!!
Jan 27 2008 17:21 GMT mariolina
stunning model!! I agree with all...you are great now!!!
Jan 27 2008 21:57 GMT suzannesmash
KISS, you will reach your goals if they are important for you..even if i think
you are just enough already...but i know, being a dancer..if you will reach the top
it take some things for you...
and hey Theodora, you look so great..a real women.
Jan 27 2008 21:59 GMT nimbus
thanks dear Suzanne:)
you know how to make the others to feel great!!!
Jan 27 2008 23:20 GMT piskins72
Nimbus, you might enjoy this with your love of dancing.....

Jan 28 2008 06:58 GMT znacke
enjoy life and forget these kilos...just smile more and you will lose 5 kg :)))))) sport and dance is super good :)))))))))))
Jan 28 2008 22:52 GMT brunopapeete
Geiati prepei na xechaseis pente kilogrammata ;;;; Mi egkatelipe stin diktatoria tis modas... !!
Jan 28 2008 22:52 GMT sweetjane
really nice........
Jan 28 2008 22:55 GMT brunopapeete
Symphono me tin Znacke pou sou edose tin kalitera hypodeixin..................!
Jan 28 2008 22:55 GMT nimbus
Jan 31 2008 01:50 GMT zeba
looking perfect, dear friend!!! beautiful work!
Apr 09 2008 18:31 GMT Niceguy
you look great to me
Apr 09 2008 18:43 GMT nimbus
thank you:)))
May 04 2008 16:31 GMT Cronos1
May 26 2008 23:37 GMT Dwanderingshadow
You are far too sexy, dear. Besides, the more voluptous a woman is, the graceful she looks like in her dancing. So no worries. Dance to the beat, sexy lady!
May 27 2008 10:36 GMT nimbus
it is very kind of you my dear:)
thank you;)))
Sep 27 2008 21:40 GMT Educando
great compo and scene!
Dec 28 2008 19:02 GMT Earp63
nice Photo...and you are really charming!
Feb 15 2009 12:55 GMT garynumber1cleaner
I like a healthy attitude :D
Feb 15 2009 14:21 GMT nimbus
thanks dear so much:)
Feb 15 2009 14:24 GMT nimbus
me too either:))) thank you!
Feb 25 2010 06:37 GMT baltic
Feb 25 2010 08:31 GMT nimbus
thanks dear:)
May 20 2010 16:40 GMT Augustdupreez
Ive lost 37kg - keep it up!