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this is my 350th phota as well as my 47th one.
I'm posting it again to share with you all, particulary those of you who hadn't seen it.
there are a few detail about it that I didn't explain before.
first at all, if you look at it real close you will notice that it is upside down.!!!!!!
I could very easily have fixed that detail, but of course it would be another photo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the reason it is upside down is that is was taken with a telescope without an image inverter.
an inverter is a devise to turn images 180°, but of course it implies an aditional reflectios at a price: an slight decreese in quality.
I have seen some good shot taken by some of my appreciated fotothing friends, the good ones taken at 8 megapixwel and then chopped down.
this one was taken with a Meade ETX125 telescope, and this is the reason of its sharpeness: a 1900mm focal lenght.
I hope that you all enjoy it as much as I do. itis my second favorite photo, the first is my 300th and 1st. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
happy carnival !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 24 2006 23:53 GMT bennystr
Outstanding shot!
Feb 25 2006 00:25 GMT miroslav
Feb 25 2006 00:46 GMT tata28
wow!!!!!!!!!!!!superb!!!!thanks for sharing!!!
Feb 25 2006 01:15 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Glad you re-shared it - large size is stunning!
Feb 25 2006 01:31 GMT Prikthai
Great foto indeed. I regarded it for a long time and saw ever more.
Feb 25 2006 02:01 GMT junne PRO
the upside down thing i would never have noticed, shows you how we see things. but then when i look at the moon i might be standing on my head anyway. great shot!
Feb 25 2006 02:03 GMT yonghan
great shot!!!
Feb 25 2006 05:17 GMT mavik
Feb 25 2006 06:04 GMT Pierre
Gorgeous!!! Super shot Nico !!!!
Feb 25 2006 06:24 GMT hallo
Superb clear and beautiful, imagine you could shoot the earth from there
Feb 25 2006 09:39 GMT fey
DID YOU PROMISE THIS MOON TO SOMEONE:)))))))))))))))))))))))))
Feb 25 2006 10:02 GMT bertel
WOOW This is a BIG one. It has been hit a few times I see
Feb 25 2006 10:18 GMT eScargo PRO
Impressive, much better image than the Microsoft one I have as my Windows desktop! Happy Carnival to you as well!
Feb 25 2006 11:21 GMT tupuna
exellent work!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 25 2006 11:55 GMT Poulet PRO
I really love this shot!! :))))))))
Feb 25 2006 12:11 GMT Riet
Incredible! I get a little moon struck looking at it!
Feb 25 2006 13:48 GMT JJAP
Siempre he dicho que eres un lunįtico!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 25 2006 14:08 GMT ostatni
beautiful moon :) i want to be there, sometimes. is there life in the universe? ;)
Feb 25 2006 14:47 GMT Justagirl
wow ... just ...wow. What a pic!!! That is superb!!!
Feb 25 2006 16:02 GMT Lalbabu
Having read your caption I wonder how you attached your camera to a telescope,however,this photo of yours would be a prize winning if placed to a contest like your 300th.
Feb 25 2006 16:51 GMT victoto
CGRTS 4 this beautiful success !!! Now, DOUBLE or nothing ? TKShr saludos
Feb 25 2006 17:17 GMT Snappa
Interesting series.
Feb 25 2006 19:49 GMT marijke06
great shot....and congrat!
Feb 25 2006 20:48 GMT Milibuh
Muy buena Nico...disfruta los carnavales...
Feb 26 2006 10:18 GMT cmp
Feb 26 2006 10:23 GMT paparazziboy
Feb 26 2006 14:07 GMT Mia87

Feb 26 2006 14:22 GMT maiylah
super moon shot!!!!!
never get tired looking at this... :))
Feb 26 2006 17:31 GMT grimp PRO
good shot at the moon
Feb 26 2006 18:03 GMT edsmit
great shot!!!!!
very good!!!!
Feb 26 2006 18:18 GMT tomswift
Das ist der Mond
Das ist der Mond
Das ist der Mond

Das ist der Mond
Feb 27 2006 02:03 GMT lumaciel
Incredible! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 27 2006 09:02 GMT mistralzon
And now we live all together on this stip! Great picture!
Feb 27 2006 13:01 GMT Kriszti
Feb 27 2006 13:16 GMT LittleDaisy
carnival? i want to be there to spend carnival, on this moon champagne must be delicious! absolutely breathtaking pictures. best regards
Mar 15 2006 03:10 GMT jll
Mar 24 2006 05:45 GMT Sanba38
Aug 04 2007 22:16 GMT Ometepe
FANTASTICA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cuentame un poquito como la hiciste, no control el engles ( ya sč...).
La mia esta hecha en muy malas condiciones, la peor gran contaminacion luminica, pero era la que yo habia visto momentos antes.
Me encantan tus comentarios Nico, no me olvides.
Sep 28 2007 11:11 GMT kyzer
amazzing.....cheers Rags
Aug 19 2009 17:05 GMT hallo
Great shot!
Sep 07 2009 05:22 GMT Wildspirit PRO
What a powerful image, taken with a telescope. Here's one I took with my Pentax K-7 at full 300mm (450mm equiv 35mm), handheld.

Sep 07 2009 05:25 GMT nicoalfredo
excellent !!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 13 2009 07:15 GMT Pinkpitch
That is really awesome shot ...
Nov 04 2009 04:44 GMT ujbanyiv
Excellent Moon Photo.