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Comments on this photo:

Nov 28 2006 13:54 GMT saintnobody
powerful picture

but i know the feeling
Nov 28 2006 14:07 GMT nicercmf
tnx saintbody...

Nov 28 2006 14:30 GMT nicercmf
indeed..that gurl is amazing..
Nov 29 2006 13:24 GMT eds
what was she doing?
Nov 30 2006 04:37 GMT nicercmf
...the youth in the parish had a theater arts workshop...this is one of their activities...
Jan 03 2007 12:10 GMT DGM
Jan 03 2007 12:21 GMT nicercmf
ok il try...
Jan 04 2007 00:12 GMT sweetkate77
what a way to deal with depression...its like shutting off everything around you and just feeling the pain...*sigh!* very effective depiction...

welcome to Pinoy Chat!

Jan 04 2007 05:22 GMT nicercmf
yup...the pain...only the person affected, can feel the pain...
Jan 04 2007 05:32 GMT nicercmf
tnx sweetkate...for welcoming me..
Jan 04 2007 05:34 GMT nicercmf
tnx saintbody...
Jan 04 2007 05:54 GMT mavik
It's a sad state indeed. One has to seek professional help to get over this feeling.
Jan 04 2007 13:04 GMT nicercmf
yup...its sad...sometimes even professionals cant help...we will just wait for her doom....kidding
Jan 04 2007 13:32 GMT mavik
:) Had an experience in dealing with depression (but not my ownself). It was really hard looking at the sad state of the person and I really wanted to help her but couldn't do anything about it except bring her to a psychiatrist. She got well eventually, thank God!
Jan 04 2007 13:46 GMT nicercmf
cool...good for you mavik...i think you are really a nice , kind hearted person...you have a soft heart for the needy...yup i agree with you that professionals do help...much more on this kind of situation....
Jan 04 2007 13:53 GMT mavik
Yup! Depression if untreated will lead to nervous breakdown and you know what it's like...
Jan 04 2007 13:57 GMT nicercmf
geee..you are ryt...that is the worst thing that will happen to a sane person....nervous breakdown...
Jan 04 2007 14:00 GMT mavik
Well, that girl I told you about nearly had the breakdown. It's a good thing she was treated immediately and she responded quite well to medication. Good night, nicermf! Nice chatting with you! :)