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viele küsse...
Ekaterinburg, spring 2005
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Comments on this photo:

May 25 2006 23:36 GMT fa69
Lovely !!!
May 26 2006 09:59 GMT mysteryofsilence
nice:) I was afraid that i kissed no so strong;)
May 29 2006 08:59 GMT YQ092005
Very Beautiful Photo.
I accept your gift.
Jun 06 2006 07:23 GMT ldhill62
thanks,nice pic:))
Jun 07 2006 20:18 GMT LittleDaisy
i think that kiss goes to Steffen.. am i right? :D
dont stole it mmmstreaker!!!
Jun 07 2006 20:37 GMT mysteryofsilence
lol :))
well, of course, it was first of all for Steffen...
but also for all my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I kiss you!!:)
Jun 08 2006 04:14 GMT mysteryofsilence
mmmstreaker, as I said the kiss was also for all my friends that is for you also!!:)
Jun 08 2006 07:51 GMT LittleDaisy
so You got already a big, or even HUGE KISSSSSS from me :XXXXXXXX
as deep and long as You want :)))) and very very passionate and sweet!!!! just as You!!!!!
Jun 08 2006 07:51 GMT LittleDaisy
thats so sweet!!! will you find some from me also? :))))
Jun 08 2006 07:56 GMT mysteryofsilence
are those kisses for me or for mmmstreaker??:D))
Jun 08 2006 08:07 GMT LittleDaisy
okey, so i have to leave here two kisses :DD
one for you: very sweet and friendly and second for our common friend :XXXX
if you dont mind :) thats so much better than ever blog or chat!!!! absolutely cool :)))))
Jun 08 2006 08:11 GMT mysteryofsilence
yeah...very cool! small community:D

ah, of course, I don't mind!!!! mmmstreaker will be so happy to get it!!!!:)))
Jun 08 2006 18:26 GMT mysteryofsilence
my friends, little daisy and mmmstreaker!!
I send you both my kiss!!:*******
Jun 08 2006 18:46 GMT LittleDaisy
thank You so much Xenia!!!! i just feel for a moment as we are a couple :)))
Jun 08 2006 18:57 GMT mysteryofsilence
well, or triad...with mmmstreaker:)))
Jun 11 2006 19:27 GMT Studio88
I could feel that kiss! Great Shot and Kiss!
Jul 04 2006 12:10 GMT faenzu
what a nice photo..love to have that kiss too....
Aug 14 2006 06:50 GMT bagiggio
Bellissima! thank you for your kiss! SMack!