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in Copenhagen, Denmark
main square...oops forgot its name which was rather difficult to memorize.
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 13 2006 18:17 GMT helton
amazing ´place & view !!!!!!!!!congrats mysteryofsilence !!!!!!!!!BRAVO !!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 14 2006 01:41 GMT AmericanPainter
You look so chic!!!
Jun 18 2006 10:31 GMT Ruedi PRO
Beautiful face and great smile!
Jun 18 2006 17:40 GMT Studio88
Great Place! - You look very Classy - Great Outfit!!!
Jul 01 2006 19:10 GMT faenzu
you are a star !!!!
Dec 03 2006 10:40 GMT karlbark
Haha :-) ...I was looking at the previous pictures, wich were mainly from Russia, but when I saw this one (and before I saw the caption) I instantly recognized the place. It is on the main shopping street (right?) in Copenhagen, wich is called "Strøget". (I don´t remember the exact name of this spot, though). And the town hall square in the next picture is "Rådhustorvet". :-)

Best regards,
Karl Trausti from Iceland
Dec 03 2006 11:29 GMT mysteryofsilence
Dear Karl,
yes, you re absolutely right...it is on the main shopping street:)
But I don't remember names at all, danish seems so hard language, very different from russian, so I simply could not memorize any names of famous places in Denmark))
Thank u for reminding me them). Do you speak danish by the way?
Dec 23 2006 10:37 GMT karlbark
Yes I do, actually. Danish is the first foreign language kids are taught is school here in Iceland. (From ca. age 10 or so)(?). Then later, english.
But I partially grew up in Norway, so I speak norwegian since I was a child. (And also swedish and danish...have lived and studied there).
(Norwegian, swedish and danish are somewhat similar to each other, by the way).

In viking times "icelandic" was spoken throughout the nordic countries. We speak roughly the same language here in Iceland today as (we) did a thousand years ago, but in the other (scandinavian) countries, the languages changed through the ages (through european influences), so they are now completely different from icelandic.

By the way, I would *love* to be able to speak russian. I think it (the language) sounds great! Very "meaty"....you can really sink your teeth into it! (So to speak) :-)
Well...that´s enough about languages for today, wouldn´t you agree? :-)

About the picture (by the way), what sprung out at me when I looked at it was the look of the pavement. That´s what was so recognizable to me.

Gleðileg jól
Karl Trausti from Iceland
Jan 12 2009 00:54 GMT AishwaryaIcon
Very nice.
Mar 21 2009 11:22 GMT smaart
Aug 17 2010 16:44 GMT Isme
it's walking street in RÃ¥dhusplasen ;)
i live here.. we should have meet :D
Dec 04 2010 17:50 GMT mysteryofsilence
Oh, really? It was long time ago...but the next time I go, I will definitely let you know!:)