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My life is like the lonely Tree standing in the field...

Nothing could hurt and harm Him: the strong wind blew...He couldn't breake a single twig, make a single leaf fall down.
" What gives you the power", - asked the wind.
" My power is that Bird who sings for me all the time. She sings about the most wonderful and greatest feeling which lives in the heart of every alive creature, about the love. That love fulls me, it fulls every cell of mine, it spills over every lief, every vein...and I live and stand everything, I am becoming stronger and stronger every day," - the Tree answered.
Then the rain tryed to break Tree's power. It was pouring days and nights. But again nothing happened to the Tree.
"What gives you the power," - asked the rain.
"Do you see that beautiful, gorgeous Bird? She is always with me. She and her songs, her love to me bring me so much power every day," - said the tree with the great repture.
Then the drought tryed its best to smash Tree's spirit. But it didn't work out.
"What gives you the power," - asked the drought amazingly.
"My love! my love to this Bird who gave me so much heartfelt warmth!," - exulted the Tree.
Then it was the turn of thunder and lightning to try their power. But even their might could not break Tree's power.
"What gives you the power," - angrily they howled.
"My power is my beloved Bird. She loves me so much and I love Her! She is my friend, my beloved one, my supporter. She never leaves me, She is always with me! We see through all problems and misfortunes together. I can share my deepest thoughts with Her, She always understands me so well," - screamed the Tree.

Tree and Bird were the great team. Nobody could break their love, because love is the life, you loose it, you don't live. Love is the stronghold of lovers where they can find the protection, power, warmth and happiness.

But after all the desease wanted to try its strength. She knew that she was the most powerful of all elements. She could break the strongest spirit.

The Bird fell sick so much, She was dying. Their love couldn't cure her, because the desease was too strong.
The Tree was crying all the time, lieves dried up and lost their beautiful bright green colour. He was wispering: " Pls don't leave me, my Love! I need you! I need you more than ever! Pls, God, don't take my Love away! My Bird is my EVERYTHING! She doesn't live, I don't live either."...
The Bird died.
Today sad Tree is living alone. Every morning He is not woken up by the beautiful magnificent song of the Bird any more. He is just standing alone in the field rocking slightly in the wind. At night when it becomes dark and nobody can see the Tree, He is crying trying to cry out the pain which from now on will live in His soul forever.
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 30 2006 12:36 GMT caferr
Nice job...
Jun 30 2006 12:49 GMT Mandara
Jun 30 2006 15:45 GMT mysteryofsilence
thank you all. I took this photo on the Gulf of Finland and wrote that story today in the morning.
Jun 30 2006 16:04 GMT Riddick
great pic and such a sad story
Jun 30 2006 16:54 GMT helton
Amazing picture Mysteriofsilence !!!!!!!
is realy a sad history ..but ver creative & interesting devellop !!!!!
BRAVO ONCE MORE !!!!!!! ps.; call my attention the hot color of the sky !!!!!
__________________________Have a blessed day & weekend my dear M.of Silence !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 30 2006 18:08 GMT LittleDaisy
thats so sad story darling... you made me crying ;((
Jun 30 2006 18:23 GMT mysteryofsilence
yeah, I know, I was also crying writing this story. It's sad, but it is happening in my soul and life today.
Jul 01 2006 08:07 GMT shivan
good notce
Jul 01 2006 10:30 GMT Tekkies
Vry well written story, and a real good pic!
Jul 01 2006 14:40 GMT backstreets PRO
woderful.......so romantic !!!!!!!!!!
Jul 01 2006 18:28 GMT LittleDaisy
oh Xenia! what happened you.. what you said about your sadness in your soul? if its something where i can help you.. tell me darling! that needs to be shared! im here for you hon :-) a kiss from your sister, mwuuaa!
Jul 01 2006 19:09 GMT faenzu
yes..so romantic..and great photo!!!
Jul 01 2006 20:24 GMT mysteryofsilence
ahh my dear, thank you so much for your support! I need some time to think.
I will write to you later.
You should know that everything will be fine with me(I hope with you too), problems bring us up. Life is a big-big lesson. So I (and everybody on the whole) must make right conclusions and decisions that next time it doesn't hurt me so much.
I send a kiss and love you Kasia, such a nice friend of mine!:*
Jul 02 2006 13:02 GMT bhupinder2002 PRO
wow...great picture
Jul 02 2006 17:26 GMT luisa
Great image!
Jul 13 2006 20:26 GMT vipe
Beautiful photo!!!
Jul 27 2006 01:06 GMT fa69
Fantastic !!!!
Jul 29 2006 20:03 GMT Riek
Aug 28 2006 14:17 GMT rohtas
Nice picture..... and words of frustration and lonliness.... ddoes'nt suit to a young soul...
Sep 09 2006 18:44 GMT Denham
Nov 12 2006 08:33 GMT Midworlder PRO
An amazing image
Nov 22 2006 20:08 GMT BURT79
Very Beautiful Picture as all of your pictures are. Keep up the good work.