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my dear friends!!!
i am so sorry for keeping silence and not commenting your photos! But believe me, I always remember you! First of all, I am extremely grateful to you all for supporting me, for your comments. It means a lot for me! Splitting up is always not easy, I was indeed very bad, now I am better, thanks my job, I went 'into' work, slept 4 hours every night, but it helped me not to think all the time about sad things. :) I got so many new photos, so keep up to my new uploads.
I wish that the Sun shines to you, my friends, always as it shines to me on this photo!!:)
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 26 2006 21:38 GMT cikku
Very happy for you my dear friend....Hope that the sun will always shine on you!
Jul 27 2006 06:42 GMT rock
so glad you're well!
Jul 27 2006 08:29 GMT LittleDaisy
will that lovely sun shine in Poland soon? we've missed You dear Xenia!!! good to hear You're okey!!!
Jul 27 2006 09:01 GMT Sailor
My dear lovely friend Xenia, difficulties and problems makes part of our life and always it depends on us how to face and deal with them. The most important thing is to be happy and satisfied as much as possible and not to thing of the past or the future because the past is already past and the future doesn’t come yet, so we can live every moment of the present and try to be happy and this would give a better future.
Wish you always a lot of sunshine in your life and we are always looking so much to see your beautiful photo and to be near to you whenever you need us... :-)
Jul 27 2006 09:30 GMT mysteryofsilence
my dear Kasia, of course it will, I hope it was today already...just look out of your window! I hope this morning broght you that shining which will help you to forget about everything bad.
Jul 27 2006 09:33 GMT mysteryofsilence
Sailor, my dear friend, what the words! Thank you so much!!!!!! I really appreciate it! I need you, my freinds!:)
Yes,you re completely right, everybody should learn how to enjoy every moment of our life, sometimes it's not easy, but sooner or later it will biuld the radiant future.
Jul 28 2006 22:41 GMT Mandara
i'm happy u're with us again!, i don't know what hapenned in ur life, but i won't make that u speak about it, everyone need a different world that the real so, make of "fotothing" ur personal world only for you, and for teh people that love the small details in the life....
Jul 30 2006 08:30 GMT sikobonden
Я радостен shines солнца для вас теперь. Я надеюсь вы продолжается иметь приятные дни. Это будет дивным фотоим!
Aug 28 2006 14:16 GMT rohtas
This is great lovely picture... excellent light... well taken.
Nov 12 2006 08:30 GMT Midworlder PRO
Great composition and backlight