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Comments on this photo:

Jul 02 2007 18:45 GMT will
Ohhhhhh cute pup, hi vicky...you're adorable, know that?
Jul 03 2007 06:08 GMT mlv
Isn't she lovely. Very abused when I found her, nose broken and eye kicked to pieces, after a year of hard workd she has become a real spoilt terrorist
Jul 04 2007 05:18 GMT will
You're like me I can honestly say, I think if you look at my photos you'll probably see it mlv...and also, thank you for your kindness and patience, she really looks great..!!
Jul 04 2007 06:20 GMT mlv
Yes, I have noticed. Good to know that are souls or sometimes idiots like us. My house has now got 5 dogs and 2 cats!
Jul 04 2007 12:35 GMT will
hahaha...the exact opposite in species with me having the 2 dogs and 5 cats...so funny and I can only imagine, that sounds at least like a "dog in every space, cat in every corner"...Lol..

seriously though, I can't see how people can abuse animals...nothing, nothing you know except like child abuse could make me any madder..!! omg (and no one should abuse anyone or be abused)