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Mickmusser's Fotothing

longing for the fotothing of old........

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Yesterday morning felt like fall. These leaves made it look like fall. My favorite season. Not doubt it will be stinking hot again till fall really arrives. Oh well, enjoy it while you can.
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 25 2015 05:15 GMT hallo
This is how things beginning to look like here and stinking hot too.
Aug 25 2015 05:15 GMT senna3
Wonderful rich colours, autumn-like indeed!
Aug 25 2015 08:40 GMT kaka2015
Great observation....I like the colors of the trees at fall..... Here in Brasil they dont chance colors.... :(
Aug 25 2015 12:59 GMT Lalbabu
Surely it looks like fall !!!!
Aug 25 2015 16:37 GMT Zodyak
Beautiful colours, Autumn is coming :)
Aug 25 2015 21:01 GMT bandsix
Very autumnal as you say...beautiful too! We haven't had it stinking hot all year here....in fact barely warm!
Aug 25 2015 21:12 GMT ForestSpirit
Wonderful colours and light!
Aug 26 2015 05:04 GMT MargNZ
My favourite season and this is lovely Mick :)
Aug 26 2015 20:12 GMT jmcdh
Beautiful shot wonderful colours