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Mickmusser's Fotothing

longing for the fotothing of old........

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Tags flicker


Northern Flicker vanishes into its nest.
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Comments on this photo:

18 hours ago MargNZ
Wonderful sequence of photos Mick . The bird nest hole seems quite small in comparison to the bird :)
17 hours ago bandsix
Brilliant collage Mick....great timing!
14 hours ago Snappa1
Looks like our Woodpeckers. Great catch Mick
12 hours ago Papagena
Marvellous collage !! I always like photos telling a history Mick !!
12 hours ago georgygirl2
love it mick
10 hours ago Lalbabu
Agree with Snappa1.
8 hours ago ForestSpirit
Great work - well done!
7 hours ago hallo
You must have been very alert mick, or the bird knew what you wanted :)
3 hours ago jmcdh
Wonderful collage Mick