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Mickmusser's Fotothing

longing for the fotothing of old........

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I haven't posted or even looked at FT for awhile. Janey, my wife, friend and lover of ....forever has had heart surgery and recovery is not going well. Have a good thought for her. Thanks, friends.
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Aug 30 2015 21:49 GMT ForestSpirit
Sorry to hear that, Mick - what an awful worry for you. Sending Janey positive thoughts across the Atlantic and hoping she'll soon be much better.
Aug 30 2015 21:51 GMT bandsix
My thoughts are with you, Mick.....nothing but good thoughts for both of you.....stay positive.........
Aug 30 2015 22:32 GMT kaka2015
Oh sorry to hear that !!!!! ..... :((
I wish you the best .... Positive thoughts ...... ❤
Aug 31 2015 00:05 GMT annieann PRO
sorry to hear this . I wish her a speedy recovery .
Aug 31 2015 01:31 GMT mellie
Mick, please stay positive for your Janey & you too. Sending you my best wishes for her recovery. ~Melanie
Aug 31 2015 04:48 GMT junne PRO
mick, my most sincere wishes for a speedy recovery for your wife !!!
Aug 31 2015 08:27 GMT georgygirl2
aww sorry to hear mick, my best thoughts to you both
Aug 31 2015 13:43 GMT Lalbabu
Very very sorry to hear that Mick,wish her a very early recovery.
Aug 31 2015 14:29 GMT senna3
I can only wish you strength Mick, both Janey and you, and a quick recovery for Janey.
Sep 01 2015 00:54 GMT kaka2015
Mick ...... Is you wife Janey better? My best thoughts to you both ❤
Sep 01 2015 12:48 GMT mickmusser
Thank you for all your good vibrations. There is slow progress.
Sep 01 2015 15:44 GMT mellie
Happy to hear that, Mick.
Sep 02 2015 01:29 GMT kaka2015
Great news, wish the best for you both....😃
Sep 02 2015 05:43 GMT hallo
I'm late usual Mick but my thoughts are with you specially in such difficult moments
18 hours ago jmcdh
Happy to hear Janeyis making progress Mick .my thoughts are with you both