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LED sign with high brightness for outdoor shows


1.pixel bar-shape structure, wind resistance, light weight,
2.low energy consumption, shade design, good thermal performance, stable and reliable,
3.aluminum alloy cabinet, light weight, strong and not easy deformed,
4.with brightness adjustment range from 500-8000 nit,
5.IP54-65 to withstand the harsh environment, wind and rain resistant to outdoor weather,
6.60% permeability equipped the display with ability to withstand strong wind,
7.strip design to achieve are shape so that you are no longer limited to flat panel display, you can change the display shape according to the building and along the building facades to reach the maximum coverage,
8.scientific structure specifically for building design to achieve high permeability,
9.when not in use, the hollow design would not affects the overall shape of the building,
10.can both densely arranged or intervals placed as needed to form a different spacing distribution,
11.when night fell, a large area of coverage of variety imaging constitutes the building shape, integrated the information publicity and building lighting into one and giving new life to the environment,
12.good transparency would not effect the indoor lighting, but can also play a role block the sun and heat to avoid the greenhouse effect produced by the glass curtain wall,
13.at light when it turn on is a LED display, you can display text, image ,animation, video and other information , it become a large media dissemination of information to public while providing a beautiful lighting building landscape,
14.aluminum case can paint different color to fit the overall style of the background wall.
15.weight only one-life of the traditional display and uniformly distributed in the wall, no requirement for load-bearing capacity of back wall,
16.as the great advantage in size, the viewing distance can range from 50 to 1500meters,
17.120 degree angle of light greatly reduce building light pollution, the building tenants basically can not see lights from the external walls to prevent the disturbing situation,
18.as its own advantages as well as product features consistent with the trend, it will become the leader of lighting and giant display industry,
19.5-20degree adjustable pitch even in high position can also see very clearly,

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