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Tags explosion


I turned on the news and heard this report; seems to be centered on the Boston marathon. Subways shut down and people told to stay home.
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 15 2013 21:38 GMT wijnie58
Grazy people, Melanie..I hope they will be catch..:-))
Apr 15 2013 21:54 GMT hans55 PRO
terrible news !!
Apr 15 2013 22:06 GMT mellie
Yes, I agree
Apr 15 2013 22:07 GMT mellie
I feel for these people. The news has been updated that more then 100 people are being treated at area hospitals.
Apr 15 2013 22:23 GMT julie13
This world is full of crazies, just intent on causing harm. Thankfully, no fatalities but that is still a lot of injured people.
Apr 15 2013 22:35 GMT mellie
Two devices put there to do harm and that was done. Two people dead and the number of very serious injuries has risen. The authorities are not commenting if this is a terrorist act.
Apr 15 2013 22:51 GMT julie13
We have got Margaret Thatchers funeral coming up and they are stepping up security because of this. I used to work in London and every winter I would see the same guy selling chestnuts, always pleasant to people, cheerful and then the IRA let of a bomb nearby and he was killed, I was so shocked. There is a place below Hell for people that cause carnage like that.
Apr 15 2013 23:25 GMT fashionmonster94
I'm hoping the same thing too, they will be captured soon, I have my finger pointed towards the terrorist, because where does 95% of the bombings and the threats come from, am I right, but it could also be a domestic threat from here is what I heard, I'm terrified for this generation and how many crazy people are running around on the loose, I hope the rest that are injured will recover soon!
Apr 16 2013 04:52 GMT Annamaria
I just heard it on the news! Terrible!! A few people killed and so many seriously injured.... they probably will not survive.... such a sad thing!! WHY?
Apr 16 2013 06:18 GMT saffi9
Apr 16 2013 07:26 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
What an appalling and senseless crime! So sad to see this on our news last night.
Apr 16 2013 17:28 GMT senna3
When will this stop in our world.
Apr 17 2013 19:10 GMT mellie
This brings back memories of 9-11 for New Yorkers like myself. There is no doubt that whomever did this will be found; this I know.
Apr 17 2013 19:12 GMT julie13
They think they have a suspect on CCTV. Hope they are caught soon.
Apr 17 2013 19:15 GMT mellie
I'm watching CNN; conflicting report as to if they have suspect.
Apr 17 2013 20:11 GMT bandsix
Just dreadful....that people can do this to their fellow human beings is beyond belief....