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Our cat ... her head resting on a Sylvester toy and hugging it.
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 13 2013 21:10 GMT Jeanmac
She's just beautiful Melanie and obviously loves her toy:))
Dec 14 2013 10:57 GMT bandsix
Hard to see where your cat and Sylvester start and finish! She probably thinks it's her brother:))
Dec 14 2013 14:00 GMT hallo
Very cozy!
Dec 14 2013 19:19 GMT will
very cute,mellie .)
Dec 14 2013 21:02 GMT Snappa1
Sweet shot. How old is your Ted now?
Dec 15 2013 06:56 GMT mellie
Thank you, Jean. Yes, she does like this toy very much.
Dec 15 2013 06:57 GMT mellie
Barbara, you're right! We were given a large Sylvester toy, but it's too big for her to wrap her paws around.
Dec 15 2013 06:58 GMT mellie
Thank you, Samir. How's the weather by you? Did you get more snow?
Dec 15 2013 06:59 GMT mellie
Thank you, Will.
Dec 15 2013 07:03 GMT mellie
Linda,Teds will be having a birthday in several months. She will be nine years old.
Dec 15 2013 12:51 GMT skyball
A well pampered puss!!:-))..lovely catch!!!!!.........
Dec 15 2013 19:06 GMT pauli3522
lovely...very tender hug
Dec 16 2013 03:53 GMT martini957
Awww so sweet
Dec 16 2013 06:09 GMT mellie
Thank you, Geoff.
Dec 16 2013 06:10 GMT mellie
Thank you, Pauli.
Dec 16 2013 06:10 GMT mellie
Thank you, Nancy.
Dec 16 2013 18:56 GMT Snappa1
mellie..My Ted is soon10 but I stil lthink of him as a kitten
Dec 16 2013 23:21 GMT mellie
Linda, our other cat before her (also a tuxedo) I adopted when he was almost 6 years old. He reverted back to kitten behavior with me. I would give him a kitty toy and I would find it in the morning in my shoe. Or, he would pick up a toy in his mouth
and put it where I would be sure to find it. Sweet nice memories.
Dec 17 2013 05:37 GMT Annamaria
Sweet picture, melanie!!
Dec 17 2013 20:36 GMT mellie
Thank you Anna-Maria.