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I filled up our cat's toy with fresh catnip.
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 14 2011 23:45 GMT Trevor1234
When I lived in cyprus I had a cat called Delilah, and she used to have two stuffed rats as toys, and she was considering them her kittens, she was grabbing them by the tail, and making cat-mother sounds when they were around her, and they were omnipresent around her, until eventually she chewed their tails off, from both of them, rats like IKEA sells, I'm sure you seen them before.
And Boris's favourite toy is a catnip mouse. (never tried catnip with Delilah, I didn't know about it then)
Dec 15 2011 01:01 GMT mellie
Trevor, my late cat Ralph used to chew off all of the tails on his toy mousies. This cat did not like catnip until I put it in a toy and then decided she liked it.
Dec 15 2011 07:28 GMT daveb
We have catmint/nip growing in our garden - get plenty of visitors who love to roll their head in it
Dec 15 2011 13:55 GMT Trevor1234
where do you live daveb ?
Dec 15 2011 23:33 GMT mellie
daveb, the cats must love to come to your garden!
Dec 16 2011 06:14 GMT daveb
Isle of Wight
Dec 17 2011 16:32 GMT laurab1
Your cat looks very proud "catching" his rat ! They are so beautiful and graceful!
Dec 17 2011 20:25 GMT mellie
A few minutes before she was pouncing on it.
Dec 22 2011 19:09 GMT ForestSpirit
So sweet!