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I was getting ready to make soup and our cat smelled the fresh vegetables. She hopped up on the table and watched me chop up everything.
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 29 2012 23:29 GMT mellie
thank you hunju from kitty & myself!
Feb 29 2012 23:31 GMT hans55 PRO
a typical cat thing !! :-)) ...great catch !!
Feb 29 2012 23:33 GMT mellie
thank you, hans
Mar 01 2012 04:08 GMT martini957
She sounds and looks a lot like my cat (WildKitty)....simply must have her nose into everything : ))
Mar 01 2012 20:54 GMT wijnie58
Beautiful cat catch, love it....:-))
Mar 02 2012 14:10 GMT mellie
Yes, WildKitty & my cat do resemble each other ... my kitty fell asleep while watching me cutting up the veggies. lol
Mar 02 2012 14:11 GMT mellie
Thank you, wijnie.
Mar 02 2012 15:02 GMT martini957
They are funny critters.....I guess they think they are helping lol
Mar 03 2012 10:17 GMT mellie
I think she was enjoying the smell of the dill weed ... lol
Mar 04 2012 14:41 GMT Snappa
Helping peel the Veg I see..Nice epic.
Mar 05 2012 04:40 GMT mellie
She always is interested when I dice up the veggies ... seems to be her fave part -- lol
Mar 05 2012 12:44 GMT Trevor1234
yeah !!!! that sounds about right, she probably thinks "I can beat you to that in speed and quality with my sharp claws, but I'd rather sleep so you carry on, i don't want to embarass you"
Mar 05 2012 12:46 GMT Trevor1234
On a separate note I am glad to see that I am not the only one that loves cooking with Dill, I am a chef by trade, and I find that although is a gorgeous herb people rarely use it in cooking.
Mar 05 2012 17:37 GMT mellie
Trevor, she is very gentle. I've been using dill for years with fish, vegetables, etc. I love the smell & taste in cooking.
Mar 05 2012 22:37 GMT ForestSpirit
She's gorgeous, and a clever cat too, helping you with the cooking!
Mar 07 2012 18:00 GMT mellie
sylvia, if she could she would help me with the cooking!