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A mammogram saved my life twice. In several months it will be 11 years for me as a cancer survivor. That mammogram was the most important thing I ever did; I wouldn't be around today if I had skipped it.
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 22 2014 00:38 GMT will
wonderful ..angel on your shoulder, mellie...glad you are still around..)
Oct 22 2014 06:38 GMT gtc126
Beautiful Pink Roses, Breast Cancer Tribute!!!!!!Well Donel!!!!
Oct 22 2014 08:04 GMT bandsix
A beautiful tribute.....I'm so glad that you are a survivor....helps people realise that cancer is not always a death sentence...thank God for technology, surgeons and people like you, with courage:)))
Oct 22 2014 09:06 GMT MargNZ
Well done Melanie ... you have made the right choices for your continued well being.
Life is good :)
Oct 22 2014 09:31 GMT Jeanmac
A wonderful tribute, I'm so pleased that you are one of the many who survive this terrible illness, as we all know there are many who do not...
Oct 22 2014 11:14 GMT Papagena
Really great to hear that cancer hadn't bad consequences !! In my city it has a control every two years free of charge.......
Oct 22 2014 19:22 GMT FLUMP
Fantastic pink shot - and glad you got the mammogram you needed
Oct 23 2014 01:47 GMT julie13
Lovely flowers and very thought provoking. Survivors inspire hope in all of us.
Oct 23 2014 21:24 GMT ForestSpirit
So glad that this technology has saved your life - and so many others - Melanie.
The roses are fabulous, by the way!