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Flood in Alora

On the 28th Sept 2012 a Red Alert weather warning was issued.....nothing could have prepared us though for the horrendous flooding that the storm caused when the river burst its banks.
Many people found their houses under water and one lady lost her life.
The people of Alora have been without water for four days now, bridges are down, there is mud and debris everywhere.....it looks like a war zone out there.
This is not my image, although I was in the town at the time I hadn't my camera with me, I've posted this just to show the horror that the people of Alora are living through right now!
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 02 2012 05:21 GMT sini
So sad..
Oct 02 2012 07:53 GMT MargNZ
Meg we heard of the flooding on the news . This is so sad and I hope you are ok .
Oct 02 2012 08:27 GMT roncarlin PRO
Beautiful Entry
Oct 02 2012 11:53 GMT junne PRO
the planet is fighting back. more and more of such catastrophes all around the world.

my sympathies for all the people in the flooded areas
Oct 02 2012 15:15 GMT bandsix
This is awful Meg.....do take care...
Oct 02 2012 20:49 GMT wijnie58
We hope you are oke, Megmet..:-))
Oct 03 2012 01:08 GMT megmet PRO
Thanks everyone.....
Yes we are OK as we live high on a hill overlooking the valley, the worst we had to suffer was being without water for one day, in the town they were without it for four days but it's back now.

The whole area looks like a war zone!

See the flood here on youtube....it's after the river had gone down a lot.

Oct 03 2012 10:54 GMT superJoan
OH! dear Meg..hope this isn't too near to you.. we also have terrible floods over here.... and still more rain to come...
Oct 04 2012 09:57 GMT PhotoPro PRO
so glad you guys live on high ground.

We hadn't moved to St. Louis when the great flood of 1993 hit
Oct 04 2012 14:51 GMT jomoud PRO
Here in Canada we heard and saw the news as well.
Floods are devastating for the people affected.
I am grateful that you and John are not affected, but my thoughts go out to the people of the area. Having lived through a major flood here in Manitoba in 1997 I am very much aware how they must feel.
Oct 12 2012 16:20 GMT Cronos1
Impressing image...So sad !
Oct 12 2012 20:30 GMT fashionmonster94
My final day for fashion on FT, read last post :)