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PARKFRIDAY marsden_park england childhood playground sundial


My entry for PARKFRIDAY

This is the sundial in Marsden Park (one of only three of a kind), it was my childhood playground and I spent the majority of my years in England living right by the side of it.....I do miss it!
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 04 2011 18:55 GMT FLUMP
Wonderful memories...great shot
Aug 04 2011 18:56 GMT senna3
Great choice for the theme!
Aug 04 2011 18:59 GMT jomoud PRO
A nice location Meg:)
What do you miss, the memories of childhood or living in England?:):)
Excellent entry fro the theme
I hope you and John will have a wonderful weekend.
Aug 04 2011 20:33 GMT marijke06
cool statue
Aug 04 2011 20:58 GMT LizSA
beautiful and great memories of your neighborhood.
Aug 04 2011 21:30 GMT Icandoit
Great choice for the theme!
Aug 04 2011 22:09 GMT megmet PRO
The memories of childhood John!

There are a few places like this that I loved and I miss, but I can say hand on heart that I never miss living in England.
If I was ever to go back it would have to be to live in Cornwall, but that's not going to happen as I know full well that places I used to love there have changed so much from how I remember them to be.

No, my life is now here in Spain....and I don't regret a moment of it! :-)
Aug 04 2011 23:59 GMT MargNZ
Lovely park to have created your childhood memories in Meg ... nice entry .
I love sundials :))
Aug 05 2011 01:11 GMT T1MELESS PRO
A nice shot Meg but all of these things are surounded with a barrier of some kind to protect it from vandels.A sign of the times we live in today.!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 05 2011 05:48 GMT Annamaria
I agree with Jim... such a pity.... nice entry though!!
Aug 05 2011 05:53 GMT soldier
Stunning photo for today's theme my friend!
Have a nice weekend,
Aug 05 2011 15:48 GMT Donjames
Lovely interesting entry
Aug 05 2011 15:56 GMT superJoan
Meg..well who would want to move back to England with your weather..but saying that this year we also have had a glorious Summer....and we do have wonderful place to visit..an unusual sundial.....
Aug 05 2011 21:11 GMT martini957
Wonderful park with precious memories for you
Aug 05 2011 23:31 GMT megmet PRO
Actually the sundial has always had those railing around it even back in the 1950's, it's a very rare piece so I guess they have always tried to protect it as best they could.
Aug 09 2011 02:13 GMT larrybenedict
Have never seen a Sundial like this. I'd love to see it up close, standing against the railing, reading the time as it is, was or is going to be.
Aug 09 2011 20:23 GMT Pea2007
Nice entry Meg and special memories for you.
Aug 14 2011 01:26 GMT porph
Valuable historical object. Imagine how its fate become had it have not that barricade since...