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Canon Powershot S3 IS

Three in one.
Taken on Thursday 18th October at Bolton Abbey village, near Skipton Yorkshire and less than twenty miles from my home.
Phone box
Letter box
Stone horse drinking trough

All being used daily....a small part of.... Olde Worlde England.
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 21 2007 19:23 GMT sini
Lovely image!:)
Oct 21 2007 19:25 GMT Midworlder PRO
Nice to see some places hold on to traditions
Oct 21 2007 19:28 GMT CeterusParibus
that's a nice sight .. treasures three .. one to keep :)
Oct 21 2007 19:29 GMT megmet PRO
I must admit that it's very nice these days when we come across these instead of the modern glass version. On Thursday while we were out we saw them in two different locations....they just look right..!
Oct 21 2007 19:54 GMT photomom
beautiful photo
Oct 21 2007 19:55 GMT mariazinha32
looks great :-))
Oct 21 2007 20:08 GMT Urko
Classic British icons, sad that not many more are around. I love seeing pictures of these as one day that is all that will be left of them. Great shot.
Oct 21 2007 20:16 GMT megmet PRO
Thank you Urko....

Yes it is very sad that there are so few about, in Malta there is a scrap yard that contains thousands of them.....I do so hope they don't destroy them.
I have bought two money boxes, one a letter box and the other a phone box..... I shall take them with me when I move to Spain so that they will be a small reminder of my roots.
Oct 21 2007 20:36 GMT LizSA
this is so beautiful.... you gonna miss your England.... you gonna miss the weather..
LOL.. Meg...... !!
We have been to Skipton the "Castle" and the
Bolton Abby... beautiful to walk there..... how I love that area....!!!
maybe we went past your house...:=)
Oct 21 2007 20:42 GMT megmet PRO
Yes it is gorgeous there, I took quite a lot of pictures of the Abbey..... I'll post them after the wedding photos.

From Preston you would probably go on the M65, that goes past Pendle Hill and right past the edge of my town.

I shall miss the beautiful countryside round here, but there are lots of things and people in Spain that I love enough to make up for that.

And no I won't miss the weather at all. :-)))
Oct 21 2007 22:20 GMT jaspinheiro
Nice and useful three.
Nice picture.
Oct 21 2007 23:56 GMT domesticfix PRO
Cool they look the same crown and all ..
I wonder if it came from your neighborhood ... .
Oct 22 2007 00:23 GMT megmet PRO
Yours could be from anywhere, the crown is just the standard one used for all telephone and letter boxes that where made during the rein of Queen Elizabeth 11.
There are still a few about that were made in her fathers rein and of course they have GR instead of ER on them…but there are not many about now!
Oct 22 2007 00:39 GMT Poulet PRO
Fascination shot! :))
Oct 22 2007 00:53 GMT hans55 PRO
not many of them left he ... your right ...its a pitty !!
Oct 22 2007 01:20 GMT teddybear2
I love this. I have added to my favorites
Oct 24 2007 07:00 GMT dalesgateway
I remember these two!
Oct 24 2007 13:02 GMT megmet PRO
I thought you would! :-)))
Oct 25 2007 12:39 GMT maxelkat
Really nice composition Meg
Nov 25 2007 11:38 GMT WJK
Good photo!!!