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Well here we are at last, our newly built archway, all freshly painted.
We still have some fine split cane to put under the roof for insulation against the heat of the summer, but now that the temperature has dropped to the high 20s rather than high 30s there is no rush to do that.
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 18 2008 01:01 GMT martini957
lovely....great job
Oct 18 2008 06:58 GMT lynnj04
Looks lovely for those relaxing days ahead :-))
Oct 18 2008 07:12 GMT sini
What a great place to sit!:)
Oct 18 2008 09:56 GMT Doody PRO
Ahh Meg thats cruel - it looks fantastic & I am now pinning for Spain again ...
Oct 18 2008 11:05 GMT Xaragma
looks great!
Oct 18 2008 11:17 GMT kajjiek
beautiful and peaceful place to relax .....
Oct 18 2008 14:07 GMT Cooler PRO
Beautiful image and place you have there my friend ;-)))
Oct 18 2008 16:04 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
It looks great Meg..am so jealous of your high 20s :-)
Oct 18 2008 18:30 GMT CAPRI
nice shot!
Oct 18 2008 19:54 GMT Bellavista
This is a wonderful place Meg! I like all, the flowers, the stone, the mediterran image!
Have a nice weekend! :-)
Oct 18 2008 23:55 GMT megmet PRO
I pined for Spain for thirty years Doody....now I still have to pinch myself at times, as it's hard to believe that I'm here permanently at last. :-))
Oct 18 2008 23:58 GMT megmet PRO
I just knew I shouldn't have said that !....
Today we had some rain (which of course we need), the temperature went down to a cool 22 degrees. :-))
Oct 26 2008 08:03 GMT Sheila PRO
That's more in my line - it looks lovely, Megmet, and I'm so glad for you to be able to realise your dream after all those years - but it wouldn't be my own choice, I couldn't live in that heat!
Oct 26 2008 17:22 GMT megmet PRO
You learn to keep out of the heat Sheila, in July and August it's only the tourist's that are seen wondering about the streets....the locals have more sense and take a nice siesta with the air conditioning on until the day cools down.
The rest of the year is like a lovely English early summers day...but with sunshine of course! :-))