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Comments on this photo:

Jul 11 2008 00:27 GMT LisaSam67
awwwww my beautiful friend!!!!!
Jul 11 2008 00:27 GMT LisaSam67
so darn cute i had to fav it ;-))))))))

even if you are an ant killer LOL
Jul 11 2008 00:29 GMT jceca PRO
so beautiful friendly smile, meg !!! :-)
Jul 11 2008 00:40 GMT megmet PRO
I'm freaking out here with those enormous flying ants......!

Half an inch long some of them...... she says as she SCREAMS very loudly at the one she just knocked off her leg.

We never had ants like that in England !!!!!!!
Jul 11 2008 00:40 GMT LizSA
as LisaSam would say.... "so darn cute....""
great selfportrait Meg...!!
Jul 11 2008 00:50 GMT PhotoPro PRO
even altered you still look beautiful!!

Have a great weekend Meg!!
Jul 11 2008 00:52 GMT megmet PRO
Thank you Bill.
If the flying ants go away.... I'll be very happy this weekend.

Have a great one yourself Bill. :-)
Jul 11 2008 00:58 GMT ManiacMom PRO
it's wonderful! I agree..you are a very beautiful woman!
Jul 11 2008 01:02 GMT rainbow71
A very beautiful portrait.
Jul 11 2008 01:25 GMT aquiles PRO
Jul 11 2008 02:26 GMT ashdad PRO
Beautiful portrait!
Jul 11 2008 03:52 GMT Poulet PRO
Love your smile. :))

Have a beautiful weekend, Meg. :))
Jul 11 2008 04:34 GMT sini
Lovely selfportrait entry!:)
Jul 11 2008 05:15 GMT LisaSam67
Meg u r never gonna believe this. I told jeff of your ant problem and he said that's what was on my back last night when I said "hey what's on me?!"

I guess lake almanor has them too. Just not as bad!!!!

They aren't at our lake tho. So book ur flight!
Jul 11 2008 05:27 GMT senna3
Hello Meg, nice to see you.
You created a very special effect, wonderful result, great portrait of a beautiful lady!!
Jul 11 2008 05:42 GMT hallo
Interesting work for the entry!
Jul 11 2008 06:04 GMT hans55 PRO
a very nice friend and picture !! :-))
Jul 11 2008 06:35 GMT lynnj04
Hi Meg, lovely to see you, lovely entry have a lovely weekend :-))
Jul 11 2008 07:31 GMT Elise
Hello my Lady!!! great entry my dear!!
Jul 11 2008 08:59 GMT litz
very contageous smile Meg...
you're such a darling in this selfportrait!!!
Jul 11 2008 10:14 GMT PaP67
nice to meet you have a pleasant week end !
Jul 11 2008 14:28 GMT dcz
encantada de conocerte, me encanta este trabajo.
Jul 11 2008 14:31 GMT jomoud PRO
Nice entry.
Thanks for helping to keep the Friday fun theme alive
Have a wonderful weekend.
Jul 11 2008 14:40 GMT Vasca
Hello Meg!!
Nice portrait!!
Jul 11 2008 15:04 GMT sider
Hi Meg, Soooo bright smile and nice to see you. Have a nice weekend dear... ;))
Jul 11 2008 16:00 GMT crunch61
Hi Meg, lovely photo :-))
Jul 11 2008 16:10 GMT superJoan
Like an oil painting...great entry
Jul 11 2008 16:38 GMT bennystr
Beautifully done, wonderful entry!
Jul 11 2008 18:52 GMT virginiabrill
Gorgeous self portrait Meg!!!

I dunno what to tell you about those ants! The only ones we have too big of a problem with are those tiny little black sugar ants....more annoying than anything.
Jul 11 2008 19:04 GMT Kaska
I like it the way you made it like a painting. Lovely soft smile :)
Jul 11 2008 19:14 GMT Carlimauda
HI Meg, what alovely portrait!
Jul 11 2008 19:42 GMT Riet
Hi, Meg! What a gorgeous portrait! The jewelry and the colours and texture you gave is like an old painting indeed!
So nice to see you :)
Jul 11 2008 19:46 GMT Riet
PS. You can put one or two jars on the places where the ants usually are. Fill the jars about half an inch with something sweet...honey, marmelade sugarwater.
In a short time the jars are full with ants. Then you will find a way to kill them.
At least that worked for me when we still lived in the country. :)
Jul 11 2008 19:55 GMT Riet
Jul 11 2008 20:18 GMT paintpictures
nice to cu ;o))) greets petra
Jul 11 2008 20:33 GMT mariazinha32
wonderful ...just wonderful
Jul 11 2008 23:08 GMT alhoafun
a lovely portrait and creative enhancng -great entry
Jul 11 2008 23:16 GMT joca
Hi there! nice to see you! cool efect
Jul 12 2008 03:40 GMT martini957
beautiful portrait
Jul 12 2008 07:09 GMT peterpinhole
Lovely effect and portrait! Beautiful smile:))
Jul 13 2008 03:38 GMT bojtorjan
It's a pleasure to see you!
Jul 13 2008 16:18 GMT Bellavista
Hi dear Meg! Nice to see you!! Great work, like an impressionist painting!
You look very atractive!! :-))