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Some of you already know the problem we had last night with the swarming ants.
We always have a problem with them as we live in the country surrounded by fruit trees, but last night there were thousands of them.
This is a photo I took just after I stepped on this one, it was half an inch long. :-0

I really hate these ants!!!!!
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 12 2008 00:33 GMT knuckle0hatelove
me too, i hate them!!! hahaha!: D
Jul 12 2008 00:53 GMT larrybenedict
All life experience is by contrast............think how happy you will be when they are gone!!!!!! I thought you were kidding about the wings on ant's...thinking maybe they were giant termites. Well, maybe they are. Hope not!
Jul 12 2008 01:10 GMT LisaSam67
Jul 12 2008 02:54 GMT fourdeadpresidents

Death from above!!!
Jul 12 2008 03:39 GMT martini957
very interesting...I too have been dealing with these winged devils...from what I understand it's their mating season....but the ones I am dealing with are fire ants with wings and they are so wicked
Jul 12 2008 09:38 GMT senna3
The poor devil!
Jul 12 2008 14:18 GMT megmet PRO
No they are not termites Larry, they are carpenter ants.
It's their mating time and when the conditions are right they swarm. It's made much worse by the fact we are surrounded by fruit trees here, and because itís so hot we have all the windows and doors open most of the time, because of that we are bound to get them.

If I didn't have a cat I would use borax powder to get rid of them, but because itís a poison I don't have that option.......so out with the Raid spray and the vacuum cleaner. :-0
Jul 12 2008 14:39 GMT virginiabrill
Wow...that is one big ant! Jeez...Ugly Little Bugger!
Jul 12 2008 14:48 GMT megmet PRO
I had two like that run up my leg last night while I was sat here on the computer. The other night I woke up in the night and had one on my face....SCREAM...!!!

They have to go!!!!!
Jul 12 2008 15:24 GMT lynnj04
Eeeeeeeewwwwwww poor you how do you sleep !!!!!
Jul 12 2008 15:45 GMT megmet PRO
I don't..... :-0
Jul 13 2008 16:19 GMT Bellavista
OMG! This is an ant invasion! Such a big one!
Jul 13 2008 16:56 GMT megmet PRO
Only one last night....I stamped on it !!! :-)
Jul 13 2008 17:49 GMT Bellavista
I also have sometimes in my garden!
Jul 13 2008 18:48 GMT megmet PRO
This one was in the house! :-0
Jul 31 2008 03:01 GMT Ometepe