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Espana Spain flag


Well done Spain!
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 28 2012 03:54 GMT peterheaven
Viva España!
Jun 28 2012 04:31 GMT aquiles PRO
...que viva España !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 28 2012 05:53 GMT RTW
With all the problems they still fly the flag high.
Jun 28 2012 12:23 GMT martini957
Cool to see....and congratulations to Spain : ))
Jun 28 2012 15:29 GMT wijnie58
Congratulations to Spain, Great to see...:-))
Jun 28 2012 23:30 GMT megmet PRO
We the ordinary people are all together more than ever in these difficult times here in Spain and the flags never flew higher!
It's nice that we now have something to celebrate together.....fingers crossed for Sunday. :-)
Aug 03 2012 04:55 GMT twsottawan PRO
Nice flagging. Sorry I couldn't reply I had some CRA paperwork to finish up. Oh, don't worry its not military or anything. Hows El-Senior Joseph nowadays is he behaving himself.
Aug 04 2012 01:46 GMT megmet PRO
All seems quiet on the western front...for now. :D
Aug 04 2012 10:52 GMT twsottawan PRO
Things good in the East as well then.
Aug 04 2012 23:11 GMT megmet PRO
You'll have to ask Poulet about that one. ;-)
Aug 07 2012 22:32 GMT twsottawan PRO
Says Megmet: (You'll have to ask Poulet about that one. ;-)

Reply: Is Poulet on the East desk then. Thought Poulet dropped out after a death in a Royal Family out there. Republicans I guess.
Aug 07 2012 23:54 GMT megmet PRO
No it was more an Irish incident that caused her to drop out!
Aug 08 2012 16:10 GMT twsottawan PRO
Not El-Signor Joseph was it. Goddamn those papist republicans. Tell me about it.
Aug 09 2012 00:32 GMT megmet PRO
It was indeed.....
Aug 12 2012 01:38 GMT twsottawan PRO
I prayed at the Church (Chiesa) of St Antonio today in Little Italy. There was a wedding in progress with an enormous stretch limousine, a White Lincoln Towncar the size of a bus. I haven't had any trouble from El-Signor Joseph either. I think you must know the efficacy of prayer as well. Sainte Anne has been with me this past week. (This is not the Santa Anna of the Spanish). Shall we close the Joseph file until further notice.
Aug 13 2012 00:11 GMT megmet PRO
Sí está cerrado, Senor Joseph es sólo un mal recuerdo distante.