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All taken from or close to my house.

Sorry Fotothingers it's my husband John's birthday today and also the day he retires.....so I won't have much time to comment on your photos this week.

Have a great weekend all....
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 01 2007 15:26 GMT JJAP
Great collage!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 01 2007 15:30 GMT Poulet PRO
Gorgeous collage and entry!

Happy birthday to your husband, Meg!
Have a beautiful weekend. :))
Jun 01 2007 15:48 GMT bennystr
Fabulous entry!
Happy Birthday John!
Jun 01 2007 16:14 GMT jomoud PRO
Great entry Meg:)
HAPPY B IRTHDAY JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 01 2007 16:32 GMT palakol
Impressive Entry.. c",)
Jun 01 2007 17:02 GMT Satto
Great collage...beautiful entry...Have a nice weekend and happy birthday to you husband...:-)
Jun 01 2007 18:46 GMT LizSA
Oh Yes yes...great collage.....and the background....wow....three wow's...
Jun 01 2007 19:25 GMT schwc125
wonderful work!
Jun 01 2007 21:55 GMT jceca PRO
what an ugly entryyyy ... same as mine !!! :D
now seriously ... great choice of the photos ...

happy birthday and everything to your husband and have a great time !!!!!
Jun 02 2007 00:01 GMT deefer PRO
Jun 02 2007 00:04 GMT stuboy
Happy Birthday to John :-)
Jun 02 2007 00:18 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Great picture compilation ....happy birthday John ;-)
Jun 02 2007 05:39 GMT jett366
Wonderful work! Beautiful sunsets! Happy birthday to your hubby!
Jun 02 2007 06:50 GMT LisaSam67
oh good news!!!! happy birthday wishes and happy retirement!!!
enjoy life!!!!!
Jun 02 2007 16:08 GMT abojovna PRO
Wonderful entry! Good idea!
Jun 02 2007 21:35 GMT fawn
Beautiful entry!!!
Happy Birthday John!
Jun 02 2007 22:05 GMT megmet PRO
What an honour to receive a comment from THE MR FOTOTHING... :)))))
Jun 02 2007 22:09 GMT megmet PRO
Thanks everyone......
I hope I've returned the compliment and commented on your work too. sorry if I've missed anyone out.
Thank you also for the birthday wishes for John, he had a lovely day. I don't know how I shall cope with him under my feet all day now that he's retired, I may have to take the odd girlie day out.... ;))))))))))))
Jun 02 2007 22:15 GMT megmet PRO
Thank you Lisa.....your a sweetheart! :))