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He says he will give up smoking… mañana !
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Comments on this photo:

May 10 2008 17:35 GMT jomoud PRO
wanna make a bet????:)

It is tough to give up, but worth it.
May 10 2008 17:40 GMT megmet PRO
I know John, it's sixteen years since I gave up.....my husband was supposed to stop then but...... :-))
May 10 2008 17:42 GMT garynumber1cleaner
I'm still waiting to start smoking ;-)
May 10 2008 17:43 GMT megmet PRO
Keep on waiting Gary. ;-))
May 10 2008 17:50 GMT Bellavista
Very inviting place Meg! I feel you will spend here a lot of time! :-)
May 10 2008 17:52 GMT garynumber1cleaner
;-) ok
May 10 2008 18:12 GMT 32131
Nice! :)
May 10 2008 18:13 GMT Midworlder PRO
May 10 2008 18:53 GMT Carlimauda
mañana mañana mañana it is always mañana ,................lol
May 10 2008 19:43 GMT PhotoPro PRO
me too...:-))
May 10 2008 23:51 GMT jceca PRO
so well known story ... :-)

what a beautiful terrace, meg !!!
May 11 2008 00:15 GMT LizSA
Lovely bamboo cover on the terrace..... looks so nice....
OK... as long as he smoke outside.... the stop....it will come when he is ready...!!
May 11 2008 00:23 GMT megmet PRO
He HAS to smoke outside Liz, the walls are all white and I want them to stay that way. :-))
May 11 2008 00:54 GMT larrybenedict
For all of us that were able to quit smoking, we remember the 1000 promises of "I will quit tomorrow."
May 11 2008 02:51 GMT Studio88
The Marlboro Man's Smoking Den - Promises, Promises ;-))
May 11 2008 13:31 GMT megmet PRO
Oh yes Larry...we all remember them, it took me ten years before I actually did give it up. :-))
May 11 2008 13:31 GMT kajjiek
beautiful setting ... looks very tranquil place ....
May 11 2008 13:37 GMT megmet PRO
Yes it is beautiful and tranquil, I think that we will be very happy living here among our Spanish neighbours!
May 11 2008 15:04 GMT Vasca
Good for him!!
May 11 2008 16:23 GMT sini
Don't smoke in a lovely place like that!:)
May 11 2008 16:23 GMT jomoud PRO
"For all of us that were able to quit smoking, we remember the 1000 promises of "I will quit tomorrow."

Quitting smoking is tough,
I stopped about 15 years ago, after 3 or 4 attempts.
What I learned in the process was that if you try to stop smoking because of peer pressure, you will fail.
You have to want to quit yourself!!!
May 11 2008 16:30 GMT megmet PRO
That is so very true John.

What I did as an incentive not to smoke was to put the money away every week.
The money was mine and not to be used for the house but was for whatever I wanted to buy myself..... over the last sixteen years it has bought me two new cars.
May 11 2008 16:33 GMT iyerhari
May 11 2008 17:25 GMT LisaSam67
John is sooo right! Good luck to him!!

Happy mum's day to ya hun :-)
May 11 2008 22:41 GMT otilia
May 11 2008 23:09 GMT mariazinha32
i keep on saying it too ihihihi
May 12 2008 00:08 GMT larrybenedict
I agree John. We (you, me , and Meg) must have quit around the same time....fifteen or sixteen years ago. Possibly the most challenging thing I've ever done.
May 12 2008 01:57 GMT Poulet PRO
Very lovely terrace, Meg!
My hubby used to smoke (looooooooooong time ago) and he gave up by threw the Marlboro & the lighter away. It's...........ermmmmm........around 18 yrs ago and it was before we married! lol ;)))