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horse pig fun
Tags horse pig fun


Just horsing around!
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 28 2010 02:10 GMT potterjo
Its never too late to start painting again.
Mar 28 2010 02:14 GMT verarenm
Poor pig! :-))
Mar 28 2010 07:06 GMT Annamaria
Mar 28 2010 08:55 GMT bandsix
brilliant pic and legend!!

...............and Potterjo is right - it's never too late to start painting again, or just start for that matter even if you've never done it before!!
Mar 28 2010 11:18 GMT sini
Mar 28 2010 15:31 GMT megmet PRO
Yes I know you are right, and I did used to be rather good at it too!

The trouble is now that I always seem to have a million other things taking up my time, things like decorating, gardening and baking my own bread.
But even if I found the time this is not the sort of place where it's easy to find all the things I would need to start again!
Guess I'm better sticking with my cameras! :-)
Mar 28 2010 19:49 GMT Tavascarow
I was always lead to believe pigs & horses don't get on.
I think this photo proves what I've been told.
Mar 29 2010 08:57 GMT senna3
Just great!
Mar 29 2010 09:50 GMT styxpix
Mar 29 2010 18:03 GMT FRIESIAN
Great shot!!!!!
Mar 29 2010 19:09 GMT SomersetDreams
Haha...great shot and caption Meg!!
How is sunny Spain?
Mar 29 2010 20:32 GMT megmet PRO
Wet again today Carl....!!!!
Mar 30 2010 02:31 GMT martini957
Mar 30 2010 10:40 GMT annieann PRO
lol... great shot
Mar 30 2010 20:08 GMT lynnj04
Very funny lol :-))
Mar 30 2010 23:35 GMT otilia
Apr 06 2010 01:21 GMT LizSA
cute... I sign and enjoy a joke after all that heavy viewing..:)