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My play on words for GASSTATIONFRIDAY

As we live some 20km from the 'gas station' that we use, and as we have not had the need to fill the tank for a number of weeks it means I've not had the chance to take a photo.
Not wanting to miss out on this weeks theme I decided I would use a play on words, so this is the usual way that we...get our GAS, though the man that delivers to us uses a much bigger vehicle.

I almost forgot, we pay ten euros fifty cents for a bottle, we have one for the boiler, one for the hob and another for the BBQ and they last a very long time! :-)
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 22 2009 23:21 GMT aquiles PRO
EXCELENTE !!!!!!!!
Oct 22 2009 23:22 GMT megmet PRO
Muchas gracias! :-)
Oct 22 2009 23:50 GMT PhotoPro PRO
very clever entry!!
Oct 22 2009 23:59 GMT jomoud PRO
Unique entry Meg:):)
I totally forgot about other menaings for the word gas:)
Have a wonderful weekend my dear friend.
Oct 23 2009 00:59 GMT megmet PRO
Thanks Bill.....it's wonderful what you can come up with when needs must. :-))
Oct 23 2009 01:01 GMT megmet PRO
It's that Big Pond again John, things often mean something different here as you will no doubt remember. :-))
Oct 23 2009 01:04 GMT MargNZ
Great entry Meg ... we use delivered gas bottles for water heating also :))
Oct 23 2009 01:27 GMT martini957
I love it...great entry
Oct 23 2009 03:35 GMT Poulet PRO
Unique and very clever entry!!
Have a beautiful weekend, dear Meg. :)
Oct 23 2009 06:52 GMT sini
Great image and entry!:)
Oct 23 2009 07:16 GMT senna3
Excellent entry!
Oct 23 2009 09:16 GMT Papagena
Great idea to contribute to today's theme !!!!
Oct 23 2009 12:36 GMT gwen83
Very good entry:-)))
Oct 23 2009 14:21 GMT yvonNL
o yes This was also possible! original
Oct 23 2009 15:24 GMT lunacrout
Ha-ha well done Meg - great entry.

We don't get our gas delivered but go to the gas-station (!) to buy it along with the petrol :-))

Unfortunately I'm in England at the moment so can't get photo of it!
Oct 23 2009 18:30 GMT LizSA
hahahahaa 10/10 Meg.... great one i love it...:-)))))

gas is gas.....:-))
Oct 23 2009 21:07 GMT lynnj04
Great entry and idea :-))
Oct 23 2009 21:40 GMT abojovna PRO
I know very well the use of propane-butane gas! Very nice entry!
Oct 23 2009 22:39 GMT megmet PRO
They last a very long time.....today we have had three empty bottles. :-))
Oct 24 2009 16:08 GMT Ellastar123
this is a bit weird
Oct 24 2009 16:31 GMT megmet PRO
It's not as weird as you posting Windows Sample images, then creating another account so that you can compliment yourself on images you have uploaded....now that really is weird !!!!
Oct 27 2009 15:14 GMT litz
excuse me for my delayed visit on your entry...
was busy preparing and anxious for my very 1st photography services last Sunday ;-))

Excellent entry for the theme...