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I never enter more than one photo for the Friday theme, but this week I just couldn't choose between two...... Hope I'm forgiven. :-))

Have a good weekend all......
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 08 2008 16:11 GMT jomoud PRO
A very orginal entry.
Go shopping by horse:):)
I love it.
Have a wonderful weekend Meg.
Aug 08 2008 16:35 GMT yvon
this one is Funny
Aug 08 2008 16:46 GMT Milibuh
Ese jamón ibérico es maravilloso !!!
Aug 08 2008 16:50 GMT megmet PRO
ˇSí. ..its mi favorito! :-))
Aug 08 2008 17:41 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
This one is brilliant :-))
Aug 08 2008 17:51 GMT ManiacMom PRO
I can see why you had a hard time. This is wonderful with the guy on the horse. Gotta love that, too.
Aug 08 2008 17:54 GMT garynumber1cleaner
they spoil people in spain...
2 chalk board menu's .. 1 for the Special dad
and 1 with Hay on the menu for the horse ..
and the horses can read too !!!!
Aug 08 2008 18:10 GMT kiekie
..now what will I have??? Nice one!
Aug 08 2008 18:20 GMT hans55 PRO
a very nice entry ...its forgiven !! :-)
Aug 08 2008 19:25 GMT Carlimauda
great entry for this weeks theme!
Aug 08 2008 20:04 GMT lynnj04
I had to laugh at Gary 's comment but he is right, great entry :-))
Aug 08 2008 20:19 GMT Pam
Aug 08 2008 21:27 GMT aquiles PRO
SI, FANTÁSTICA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 09 2008 04:45 GMT martini957
Aug 09 2008 07:10 GMT dcz
es muy buena. buenisima.
Aug 09 2008 13:28 GMT megmet PRO
I never looked at it that way Gary!
I always read it in Spanish as....SPECIALTY... and also... THERE IS.... it's funny that the brain just does an automatic translation, Guess I'm getting accustomed to my new life here !
I don't even notice the English words in there, but now I have it adds to the humor of the image. :-))

As for the horses....well it's common knowledge that the horses here can read, after all they have to read the road signs in order to take their worse for drink and often sleeping owners home, usually at some God forsaken hour of the morning. ;-))

Aug 09 2008 17:13 GMT LizSA
Interesting entry :-)
Aug 09 2008 19:23 GMT roncarlin PRO
very original. great entry.
Aug 14 2008 23:34 GMT jceca PRO
yep, this horse seems to be very concentrated on menu .... :-)

very original entry !!!
Aug 26 2008 17:42 GMT PaP67
he 's he abble to read ?!
Aug 26 2008 17:53 GMT megmet PRO
Only in Spanish.... :-))
Sep 10 2008 19:02 GMT Ometepe
el seguro que quiere uno vegetal