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......Back to the cooking!

I've had this cooking pot for thirty years, brought it with me all the way from England.....it's just perfect for the BBQ. :-))
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 19 2008 16:47 GMT Foggydew
beautiful pot!
Sep 19 2008 16:51 GMT Doody PRO
Dont you mean "outdoor kitchen" lol
Sep 19 2008 16:53 GMT megmet PRO
Yes,...... but it was easier to type BBQ. ;-))
Sep 19 2008 17:15 GMT hans55 PRO
a nice BBQ !! :-)
Sep 19 2008 17:47 GMT u40
excellent capture :))
Sep 19 2008 18:03 GMT PhotoPro PRO
would never have guessed it was 30 - like your marriage it is timeless
Sep 19 2008 19:44 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
Doesn't look 30 :-)
Great image
Sep 19 2008 20:12 GMT sini
So nice!:)
Sep 19 2008 23:18 GMT megmet PRO
It's like me Bill.....it's wearing well but looking a little dated. ;-))
Sep 20 2008 00:06 GMT martini957
cool pot....the color still looks sharp
Sep 20 2008 17:45 GMT dougrun PRO
Great pot, what is inside? That is the important part :-))
Sep 20 2008 18:03 GMT megmet PRO
As an American you won't understand when I say I was making a tater pie.

Translated it means a pie made in a dish like that, some meat and a little onion and lots of diced potato....it's finished off with a VERY thick pastry crust on the top.
It is served with mushy peas or sometimes with black peas and we always have some pickled red cabbage to go with it...

It's real north of England food, no painting pictures on the plate with this stuff ! :-))

Now I'm feeling hungry!!!!!
Sep 20 2008 18:30 GMT bennystr
Flaming red!
Sep 20 2008 18:41 GMT dougrun PRO
Meg, sounds yummy! I know I am an American, but Scottish family! My grandmother used to make a dish like that, but I didn't know how it was done, I was just a kid. Mushy peas and red cabbage are really good as well. Food is made to pile up and eat, not paint on plates, I agree!! :-))
Sep 20 2008 18:53 GMT ManiacMom PRO
Nice cooking pot, Meg! :) Like you, it's been well taken care of and doesn't look that old!
Sep 20 2008 21:29 GMT LizSA
I like your reply to PP
and like dougrun say... pile up and eat.... and what is left over goes on
a sandwich....:-)
Sep 20 2008 23:35 GMT lore
Hey.. great shot!
I'm new here and I would like to add you!
Sep 21 2008 00:02 GMT megmet PRO
Welcome to Fotothing Lore, it's good to have you with us.....and you don't have to ask permission just click the button. :-)
Sep 21 2008 00:07 GMT megmet PRO
My favourite colour Benny! :-))
Sep 21 2008 00:11 GMT megmet PRO

If you can get the mushy peas there then you could make it....don't forget to cook the meat first until tender and add a beef stock cube. Another tip is that it always tastes much better warmed up the following day. Enjoy!
Sep 21 2008 00:12 GMT megmet PRO
A girl after my own heart Liz. :-))
Sep 21 2008 10:48 GMT beus PRO
Great shot!
Sep 21 2008 21:47 GMT Bellavista
Dear Meg, your recipe sounds good!! Next time pls show us the food also!! :-)))
Sep 24 2008 06:20 GMT Midworlder PRO
I do miss kiwi BBQ´s ... but this looks great
Oct 02 2008 17:00 GMT suzannesmash
Ahhh I like this...thats cute too! Youre happy to have this space around you