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Feria de San Juan...

June 22nd was the Romeria De San Juan in our village, itís only a small affair compared with the ones on the coast but we had a great time. The Romeria goes right past our houseÖ.twice, so we just had to join in the walk.

Here is my view of the day, not always in the order they were taken. I hope you enjoy this view of life in our little village in Spain.
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 28 2008 00:34 GMT LizSA
Beautiful teenagers... lovely photo Megmet..!
Jun 28 2008 00:44 GMT aquiles PRO
BELLA !!!!!!!
Jun 28 2008 03:30 GMT damansara71
Is there anymore empty land or bungalows at your village?
Jun 28 2008 05:33 GMT sini
Lovely shot!:)
Jun 28 2008 05:38 GMT pradeepvishwakarma
Adore shot. .
Jun 28 2008 05:46 GMT LisaSam67
beautiful young ladies
Jun 28 2008 07:08 GMT Sheila PRO
Such bright light and wonderful colours where you live!
Jun 28 2008 13:50 GMT megmet PRO
Ther is an empty plot of land right next to us......don't tell anyone though. :-))
Jun 28 2008 13:53 GMT megmet PRO
Yes Sheila....the air and the light here is so pure that the colours are just amazing. :-)
Jun 28 2008 14:07 GMT WarSurFeR
Thanks for your comment on my photo here:

Those are actually tropical fruits, called Durians.
They have hard thorny shells, with soft creamy seeds on the inside.
We usually eat the cream from the seeds. The local people find them delicious, while most foreigners dislike them because of the smell.
Hmm.. to me, I dont think its smelly, its really sweet and delicious!
You should try these when you are in Malaysia.
Jun 28 2008 14:08 GMT WarSurFeR
btw, lovely photo above!

Which is you?

You're all beautiful !

Jun 28 2008 14:43 GMT damansara71
I won't! It'll be a public secret............
Jun 28 2008 18:15 GMT Midworlder PRO
Interesting slice of life series Meg
Jun 28 2008 21:51 GMT megmet PRO
Thank you for the information on the fruit, I will look out for them here in the markets of Spain.

Sorry, none of the ladies in the photo are me.....I prefer to be behind the camera lens. :-))
Jun 28 2008 22:19 GMT bennystr
Such a lovely view!