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Puto Bumbong is a delicacy that is especially made for Christmas. "Puto" means steamed glutinous rice, and "bumbong" means bamboo cannon. It is a purple-colored food cooked in standing bamboo or metal tubes attached to a steam-producing tin can or cylinder that is mounted on a small pot of boiling water or steam.

Puto bumbong is made of ordinary glutinous rice, pirurutong (glutinous wild rice), butter, muscovado, sesame seeds and grated coconut.

The end of "Simbang Gabi" or Dawn Mass marks the end of selling puto bumbong here in our city.
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 26 2006 00:17 GMT Poulet PRO
Beautiful and tempting shot, dear Mavik !!!
Thanks for the interesting info. It does look like some Thai dessert. :)))
Dec 26 2006 00:36 GMT mavik
Very much like Thai dessert except for the taste. I think Filipinos like their desserts sweeter than the Thais which makes Thais healthier? :) Thanks for the comment, Poulet!
Dec 26 2006 07:37 GMT DGM
Wow its mouth watering!!
Dec 26 2006 19:16 GMT Lie
It must be tasty......
Dec 27 2006 12:29 GMT mavik
Yes, it is, Lie! I, as a small child, looked forward of the dawn mass (Dec. 16-Dec. 24 held at 4:30am) because my mother would usually buy this for us to eat on breakfast! Just watching the people cook the mixture is already interesting 'cause they have to move fast because of the heat and also overcooking it will cause the mixture to pop out of the bamboo cannon! :)))
Dec 27 2006 12:30 GMT mavik
Hanggang picture na lang po kasi wala na ang mga nagtitinda dito. :(
Dec 28 2006 11:58 GMT maiylah
i think i tasted this once lang ... but i think meron nito year round sa ibang restaurants dito sa manila .. loved it! si "G" at yung ibang mga kids ayaw nila. LOL
Jun 12 2007 09:11 GMT ashtricky
Jun 12 2007 22:42 GMT mavik
Yan ang hinahanap-hanap ko lagi pag Disyembre!