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Comments on this photo:

Mar 21 2007 13:18 GMT Elise
Great composition....stunning!!
Mar 21 2007 13:25 GMT sini
Lovely light and shadow play:)
Mar 21 2007 20:38 GMT Jakeobean
mavik....some photograph create an instant mood for the viewer as soon as they see the photograph...this particular photograph provided me with instant relaxation as soon as I opened the photograph....great work...composition..
Mar 21 2007 23:20 GMT sweetkate77
this one reminded me of the benches in Silliman University...they're usually seen under the shade of big, old acacia trees....a really good place to stay in while waiting for the next class...(shempre its doubly good for "boy-watching") heheheh!!
Mar 22 2007 01:48 GMT DGM
This curved bench gives an idea. Hmmm
Mar 22 2007 05:14 GMT PhotoPro PRO
looks like a wonderful place to sit!
Mar 22 2007 13:23 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot, Elise! It was an inspiring place I was fortunate enough to have my camera with me. I had to ask permission from the place to take pictures 'cause would you believe it's a showroom for garden accessories?
Mar 22 2007 13:24 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot, sini!
Mar 22 2007 13:25 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot, Jakeobean! I hope I can achieve a very relaxing mood in my garden...landscaping in process as of the moment. :)
Mar 22 2007 13:28 GMT mavik
Idea on what, Kuya D? Hmmmm??? :P
Mar 22 2007 13:31 GMT mavik
It is a wonderful place to just sit down and relax, Bill! I loved watching the falling of tiny leaves which looked like rain from a certain distance. :)
Mar 22 2007 13:38 GMT mavik
LOL Sweetkate! Too bad there wasn't enough guys to watch in our department during my school days! All items seen are what I have on my wish list for my garden...including the broken one. The other ones I took were not so good so ito na lang na post ko.
Mar 23 2007 06:30 GMT Hamin PRO
many times, SIMPLICITY is the essence of GREAT photography .... http://www.fotothing.com/hamin/ ..... Emanuele
Mar 23 2007 07:09 GMT maiylah
lovely place to relax... sorrounded by all those plants...sigh.
Mar 23 2007 09:24 GMT bennystr
Beautiful shot and series!
wonderful combination of light and shade!
Mar 23 2007 10:58 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot for the very nice comment, Emanuele!
Mar 23 2007 10:58 GMT mavik
It is a very relaxing place, maiy! Showroom yan! :) I didn't want to leave the place that time.
Mar 23 2007 10:59 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot for your comment, bennystr!
Mar 23 2007 11:22 GMT Poulet PRO
Great composition ! I love curve bench !!! :)))
Mavik !!! Glad to see you back my friend. Hope you are doing fine...
Have a beautiful weekend. :)))
Mar 23 2007 12:03 GMT Riet
What a nice sunny and quiet place! Lovely!
I took a photo of new tulips for you :)
Mar 23 2007 13:41 GMT Poulet PRO
Congratulations on your new home, my friend ! :))
Me too, Mavik.....I should say I'm really busy ....loads of work to do and I have to brought them home almost everyday. :((
I try to be here and uploading pics but have less time to visit " all " friends sites....and I felt guilty, really ! So lucky, many friends always understand and cheer me up from a very taut and tired day......... !!
Mar 31 2007 19:01 GMT deanbed
This is very good, the compositon and interesting light and shadows!
Apr 01 2007 14:31 GMT mavik
I think most of us started joining FT just for the hobby until we "found" each others' company and learned to really love not just photography but the friendship we have here. It's alright, Poulet...we have priorities in our lives. What's important is that we still come back once in a while to visit our friends. Try to relax once in a while. Too much work is not good for our body. :) Regards and I hope you enjoyed your weekend!
Apr 01 2007 14:34 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot, deanbed! I was attracted to this bench because of that fact (light and shadow)! It's a good thing I had my camera with me. :)
Apr 03 2007 11:40 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Beautifully composed light/shadow study!
Apr 03 2007 14:33 GMT mavik
Thanks for this very detailed comment, Wildspirit!