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Continuation of the scenes I photographed inside the car on our way to a town around 2hrs away from the city.
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 08 2007 15:09 GMT rhynnligwak
great capture mavik, and i say the car is moving? hehe
Jan 08 2007 15:11 GMT mavik
Yup! The car was moving fast 'cause I think we were on our way home and it was already getting dark...baka me aswang!!!! LOL
Jan 08 2007 15:14 GMT rhynnligwak
haha takte takot sa aswang! but you capture the scene so well inspite of the moving car, magaling po as in bravo!!
Jan 08 2007 16:07 GMT aquiles PRO
Jan 08 2007 16:24 GMT Bali
Great capture!!!!
Jan 08 2007 18:46 GMT Scarlett PRO
Beautiful scenery and landscape !! Go on mavik ! ;))
Jan 08 2007 19:45 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Jan 08 2007 21:47 GMT Elise
fantastic view...where is this???
Jan 08 2007 21:48 GMT Elise
and your mypicturefriday entry was really amazing :))
Jan 09 2007 02:23 GMT sweetkate77
Sa din naman ni ya ta mavik?!? Miss ko na gid iloilo ah...beautiful shot here..and to think that you took it from a moving car! :)
Jan 09 2007 11:50 GMT TestShots
did u capture this while on a moving car? nice!
Jan 09 2007 12:26 GMT mavik
Muchas gracias, aquiles! Hope you're doing fine!
Jan 09 2007 12:27 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot for dropping a comment, Bali!
Jan 09 2007 12:30 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot, Scarlett! These images were taken last year when we went out of town. :)
Jan 09 2007 12:43 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot, PhotoPro!
Jan 09 2007 12:47 GMT mavik
Elise, I live in Iloilo City in the Philippines and this is a town around 2hrs. away from our city. Thanks a lot for your comment, Elise!
Jan 09 2007 12:49 GMT mavik
Katie, same place pa ni while coming na bala from Antique. I can't really remember the exact town kay kadamo sang nalabayan namon. :)) salamat gid sa comment. Tani makitaay ta pagmakadto ka sa Roxas sa summer ha.
Jan 09 2007 12:51 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot for your comment, HQN!
Jan 09 2007 13:52 GMT Lie
Beautiful......like art !
Jan 10 2007 08:54 GMT mavik
Yes, Hotshots! ***snicker*** We didn't have time to stop 'cause it was still a long way back home!
Jan 10 2007 11:39 GMT DGM
OO nga pala ano. Uso nga pala ang aswang diyan. hehehe

Niwey, Nice shot!
Jan 10 2007 13:11 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot, Lie!
Jan 10 2007 13:16 GMT mavik
Loko lang yan, Kuya D! There's a place famous for aswang talaga and they even have a story about it but then wala namang nakakita talaga. I don't know if it's true...:)
Jan 10 2007 13:21 GMT DGM
Oo nga unverified rumor lang yun.:))
Jan 10 2007 13:37 GMT mavik
Sinabi mo pero may helper kami dati who said that she really saw one along the beach...(nagpahangin siguro);P
Jan 10 2007 22:06 GMT DGM
Jan 11 2007 14:32 GMT maiylah
nagpahangin sa beach? lol ...
enjoy kumuha ng pictures while on the passenger seat on a moving car ... minsan di mo alam what the result is going to be!
ganda!! miss ko rin tuloy province namin ...