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Got no new picture so I cropped and edited this one just a little bit and reposted it. http://www.fotothing.com/mavik/photo/04675be2b150aebcacbaffd839c65d11/start=246
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 16 2007 18:47 GMT PhotoPro PRO
it's a great closeup!
Jan 16 2007 18:47 GMT wifey
Pretty kitty.
Jan 16 2007 19:31 GMT Scarlett PRO
Lovely close-up, but sadness in his eyes... Perhaps I am wrong... ;))
Jan 16 2007 20:25 GMT LizSA
Great...I like the little face.....!!!
Jan 17 2007 01:18 GMT sweetkate77
Ellow Miyay! heehee! Hachooo!! Haaaccckkk!! Hair ball! :)
Jan 17 2007 02:58 GMT LanceG
mini-tiger! love this shot, mavik
Jan 17 2007 05:24 GMT DGM
Lovely pic of Muning Mavz
Jan 17 2007 12:45 GMT mavik
I just cropped the original picture, PhotoPro. Thanks a lot for your comment. :)
Jan 20 2007 02:54 GMT Milibuh
Bella Mavik !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 21 2007 04:38 GMT mavik
Thanks a lot, Nora! So sorry for not making comments on your pictures these days. Been busy and I'm just borrowing pc now. Hope you're fine!
Jan 21 2007 22:50 GMT MoonDew
Great shot, Mavik. Nice looking cat.
I think this cat isn't well, though. You can see by it's bottom eyelid coming up. It's usually a sign of illness.
Jan 22 2007 03:36 GMT leicabongmel
Nice picture but he look sad.
Jan 24 2007 14:44 GMT mavik
That's what someone commented earlier! I think a veterinarian. Poor cat! It's not mine. I just happen to see it around that place. I hope it's not serious. Thanks for your comment!
Jan 24 2007 14:45 GMT mavik
It does look sad. Must be hungry 'cause it's about lunch time when I took this picture. Thanks for your comment!
Feb 10 2007 02:41 GMT Urselle
i love cats!
Feb 10 2007 15:12 GMT mavik
Hi, Urselle! Nice to hear from you! Hope you're doing fine! Thanks for your comment!
Feb 27 2007 13:10 GMT gwen83
Very nice cat:)))
Feb 27 2007 13:36 GMT mavik
Thanks, gwen! It was just looking at me...guess it was hungry already when I took its picture.
May 10 2007 07:40 GMT linnywv PRO
Cats........my passion. Great shot!
May 11 2007 00:08 GMT mavik
Got lots of stray cats in our garden and it bore 4 kittens. :) Thanks again, linnyw!